Silky Summer Steals and Beachy Feels

Hey loves! I just wanted to introduce the current fashion finds I’m loving and what I’m inspired by (at the moment). As people change, so does their style and I encourage myself and everyone else to always carry their own unique sense of style and always EVOLVE. Your sense of style should always be changing and always be evolving!

Currently, I’ve been obsessed with silk material shirts and clothes! Since I got my first full-time job, I’m required to dress business professional, but I love putting a twist on this style when I’m not at work! I’ve fallen in love with silky pieces and neutral colors because they’re comfy and practically flattering on every body type and skin pigment!

With that being said, I’d like to think that I have adopted this minimalistic casual beach style that compliments the energy of your local beach bum in Southern California. Here’s a very brief peep into what I have been loving recently and my current fashion finds:

  • Lavender silk blouse from Banana Republic (I like to pair silk pieces like this one with distressed denim shorts or jeans!)
  • Rose Gold Sunnies from Aldo
  • Gold Crossed Sandals from Old Navy
  • Striped Beach Pants from Ross (Yes, you read that right. Ross, bitches. Very comfy. Very good quality and VERY inexpensive. I’d rather spend $20 than $200 on this beauty look)
  • Floral Maxidress with slits from Isabelle’s Closet (I wish I had this in 3 different colors because this is literally my favorite maxi dress I’ve ever bought. It’s frilly, flirty and perfect to dress up or down!)
  • Animal print sandals from Old Navy 

The best thing about these pieces is that you can dress each and every one of them up or down. They’re comfy, inexpensive and very versatile! There’s a very brief peek into my summer closet with many more to come!

xx, Bri.


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