Boy Dates, Gal Dates – Reasons to Visit (and love!) Laguna

Ahhhh, Laguna. Sounds like a town of mermaids (and it practically is!) Nothing compares to the sunny little busting town of Laguna filled with seafood restaurants, tourists, beautiful beaches, amazing hiking trails and CANNOT forget the ice-cream!!

I also love the fashion vibe here! It’s completely beachy and casual! (which is my fave way to dress btw)


  • White One Piece Cut Out Bathing Suit from ASOS
  • Gold Strapped Sandals from Old Navy
  • Circle Sunnies from Urban Outfitters
  • Patterned Purse from Marshalls (YES, Marshalls!)
  • Sunny Hate curtesy of my roommate’s grandma, HA!



If I could live in one area in SoCal that’s not LA or San Diego, I would create my own little paradise in Laguna! It’s perfect for romantic dates, gal dates, Mother/Daughter dates, etc!

Here’s a list of things to do when visiting this ideal mermaid town!

  • Soak up the sun, swim, tan or play a fun game of volleyball at Laguna State Beach! (just make sure to bring a volleyball and LOTS of sunscreen!)lll
  • HIKE Crystal Cove 
    • It’s about a nine mile hike that takes about three and a half hours, but the view of the ocean and the workout you get is amazing! Super fun to do with a partner! There’s also a shorter route to take!lllllll
  • Take pics at Thousand Steps Beach! (totally insta worthy)
  • Visit the infamous Urth Caffe and enjoy one of their famous pizzas, the veggie lasagna (my fave) or some ice blended drinks like their green tea lattes! (They also have an AMAZINGGG cheese platter!) (pictured below: Sunrise pizza, Veggie Lasagna and Ice Blended Green Tea Lattes)lo
  • Strut through the shops in downtown Laguna
    • There are super cute boutiques, art galleries and ice cream shops that you cannot miss! lllll
  • Visit the Laguna Museum of Art!
    • Perfect for a date, gal date, or family adventure if you love art!

Among its many attractions, Laguna has much more to offer.  I also strongly suggest visiting Slap Fish for a mean crab and lobster roll with the best coleslaw I’ve literally ever had! I also suggest doing some exploring on your own! There’s many more hiking trails and more quiet beaches to visit in this bustling touristy attraction!

xx, Bri.



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