13 Reasons Why…Joining A Sorority Can Positively Impact Your Life

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard it all about sororities and sorority women: the hazing, the endless parties, the trashy stereotypes; it all comes in one package when you tell someone who’s not part of Greek life that you’re in a sorority. Honestly, it kind of sucks that you can’t really explain to people what it’s really like being in a sorority and you obviously can’t show them the experience you have if they’ve ever been in one.

For me, being a sorority helped shape me into a better person. Believe it or not, I actually partied MUCH harder before I even joined a sorority. Joining one kind of put me in check. Not only did it positively impact my life in that way, but I also met women who have inspired me and who have supported me during my toughest times in college. And, no, I was not hazed when I joined one. I participated in community service, took an Executive Council position that helped me land jobs on my resume and even met my boyfriend through the Greek system! I live with hardly any regrets and joining a sorority is definitely not one of them!

Here’s 13 Reasons Why…Joining a sorority can positively impact your life:

  1. You meet your best friends
    1. Yes, you can say “I don’t have to pay for my friends” and that’s great for you that you don’t, but you are truly bonded by something stronger and deeper than just surface friendship if you get what I mean
  2. You ALWAYS have someone to lean on
    1. K, yea sounds cheesy. BUT, every time I needed a scantron or pen or anything last-minute, my sorority sisters always came through. You have nearly 100+ women who are there for you so how convenient!
    1. Yup, since panhellenic sororities are all about philanthropy, you can put down volunteer service on your resume! Also, if you join the executive council for your sorority and take on a leadership position, you’re able to officially put that down on your resume, what a perk!
  4. Community Service
    1. You really get to be a part of the community, since panhellenic requires you to do community service! It’s very eye-opening and fun with your sisters!
  5. Networking for Jobs!
    1. Joining a sorority is a great way to network for jobs. Alumnae even let you know about positions that their company is hiring for!
  6. Better Social and Communication Skills
    1. If you’re the type of person who is shy and rushed to actually make friends, I’m sure you can say that joining a sorority opened a window to a whole new world of people that talk your ear off. You have so many opportunities to talk to people since hosting and being a part of Greek Life events literally requires you to talk to people and network. You develop great people skills doing this!
  7. Potential BOYFRIEND??
    1. Yes, I met my boyfriend through the Greek system and I definitely wasn’t looking for one at the time! I’m not saying that if you join a sorority then BAM you’re guaranteed a great BF, I truly lucked out, but it is VERY possible to meet you potential honey!!
  8. You’ll Know Someone in Class
    1. Greek life, although is a small chunk of campus, is actually huge. There’s a lot of potential you’ll know someone in class through Greek life and then you won’t have to look for a partner for that class project!
    1. Yes, you will ALWAYS have someone to study with, trust me. There will always be someone who has the book you need for a class or notes you need from the class you missed! What a plus!
    1. Yup, here’s the fun part: socials, mixers, formals. It’s like high school but 10x better. You will never have an uneventful weekend! Plus, you’ll always have someone to mob to sporting events with!
  11. Work Hard, Play Hard
    1. As much fun you get to have at socials and formals, you also aren’t allowed to attend these events if you don’t make the GPA requirement, which is usually around a 2.5! It keeps you motivated to do well in school and keep yourself in check!
    1. Believe it or not, sororities actually keep you in check and and super strict about posting anything trashy on your IG or FB or tweeting super nasty things because reputation is everything!
  13. It’s not 4 years, It’s 4 LIFE!
    1. Cheesy, I know, but honestly, my aunt still talks to girls that were in her sorority 20 years later. My friend is getting married and her sorority sisters are her bridesmaids. And, I was at the grocery store the other day while wearing my letters and a lady came up to me and told me she used to be in my sorority, too. First, you become a part of it and then it becomes a part of you! Joining one is becoming a part of something bigger for life!

If you’re thinking of joining a sorority or are already in one, I hope these reasons can be helpful or remind you why it’s so great being a sorority woman. I sure got a kick out of being in one and I would never regret my decision to go Greek! Put the myths away and see for yourself the obsession!

xx, Bri!


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