Stepping into Fall!

God, I can’t wait for Summer to end.

Yes, I know you’re probably thinking I’m batsh*t crazy for saying that, but I don’t take it back. I love Summer, but the heat gets tiring and my days are less constructive, tbh. I spend more money in the Summer because I’m not preoccupied with school AND work, I’m constantly exposed to more harmful UV rays and my gym membership isn’t included in the Summer. So yea, I love the Fall. I love colder dark and gloomy weather to compliment my attitude. I love shoes that compliment my attitude as well, so here’s some summer steals on shoes that I have ready for Fall and ready for the semester!



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Believe it or not, all three of these shoes cost less than $100 combined. Don’t believe it? Ya, me neither.

Transitioning into Fall

Because the weather here in SoCal doesn’t drastically change throughout the seasons, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear sandals in the Fall, but more dressy ones to give it that Fall edge. These are a steal and compliment jeans or dresses and can dress up any outfit. The small heel also makes them extremely comfortable to wear so I can wear these all day walking from class to class and straight to work right after without my feet feeling dead.

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Cool and Casual 

If it wasn’t obvious enough, I can’t wear heels. I just can’t. 2 hours in heels is my max, but wedges….I LOVE wedges. These wedges are so casual and cool, they put James Dean out of style.

Just kidding.

But really, these wedges look tall and uncomfortable, but they are probably the most comfortable shoes I have ever bought, and I bought these at a THRIFT STORE. Last pair in my size, too. How perfect? Too perfect. I love to wear these with shorts, jeans and skirts. The tan suede color is a plus and they’re so much more low maintenance than they look. I swear to the shoe gods that these are extremely comfy and as trendy as they look.

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Yea, yea, I’m so over everyone getting a pair of black booties and thinking they look fashionable. I don’t like to blend in too much when it comes to fashion, so these booties kick it up a notch and give any comfy casual outfit some edginess to compliment the sass that runs through my head. The low heel is also super low maintenance and I don’t have to wear socks (what a friggin plus!) I’m also OBSESSED with the buckles. These look best with black jeans and denim shorts, distressed or simple! (I feel the western boho vibes so hard with these)

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So ya, need some super cute shoes for the semester or Fall? Hope these give you some inspo into how to transition into the (best) next season!

xx, Bri.


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