The Attic on Broadway

If you’re looking for Southern Comfort Food with a twist or just a good hearty meal in general with a decent aesthetic that’s date friendly and family friendly, the Attic on Broadway is the best place to be! From their Mac n’ Cheetos to their Fried Chicken and Collard Greens, The Attic serves up awesome portions that are to die for!

Some of my favorite menu items featured:

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Clams appetizer with onions, cilantro and toasted buttered bread
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My Boy Bleu Burger is probably the best bison burger on the menu! I ordered with short rib poutine fries instead of regular fries. They are known for having outstanding bison burgers and this is one of them!
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Left: Bison Burger with Mac n’ Cheetos (hot cheetos on top of mac n’ cheese) Right: Short Rib Poutine Fries with a fried egg (SO FRIGGIN’ GOOD)
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As far as dessert goes, THEIR ENTIRE DESSERT MENU IS F*CKIN FAB. This is their famous bread pudding that they also serve for birthdays and it is absolutely DIVINE!


As much as their food is killer, their drinks also live up to the rep. Here’s a little twist on your not-so-average Bloody Mary:

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Their bloody marys’ come with a slider and slice of bacon…it’s like the Hangover Gods shared this recipe exclusively with the Attic (feat. shot or whiskey on the left)

As for occasion goes, my boyfriend took me here on one of our first dates and the food and service was so good, as well as the fact that the restaurant is practically a large cottage, I was swooning by the end. I also have taken multiple family members to this place every time they visit me here in Long Beach and they LOVE it! There is absolutely nothing to complain about when it comes to the service and quality of the food and atmosphere! To this day, I’m still shocked when people from LB say they haven’t even been here and they’ve lived here their whole lives. It’s honestly THAT good. Get to grubbing!

xx, Bri.


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