Deleting Dairy

Just for the record, I love ice cream and am deeply saddened that I can’t eat Breyers or Micthell’s, but not that sad because Ben & Jerry’s is living in 2050 with their bomb vegan ice cream.

Anyways, it’s not necessarily that I can’t. It’s that I simply won’t. I’ve always heard about the controversial topic of consuming dairy and how it positively or negatively effects your body. After a couple experiments, the results from my research show that there are DEFINITELY more downsides to consuming dairy…like disgusting downsides.

I used to tell my mom to not drink milk and I always get the same argument back, “No, it has Vitamin D and makes bones strong”. First of all, consuming a glass or more of milk a day will not make you superhuman. In fact, you’ll probably have more acne than you should and probably feel bloated more often than you should.

Here’s what I found after Deleting Dairy:

  • Lost 3 pounds

  • Skin cleared up

  • Felt less bloated and more energetic

YES, it’s true.

My stepdad was actually a leading figure in this experiment and sparked my initial interest in looking into dairy. I had really REALLY bad breakouts in high school. My forehead, my cheeks, even my back. It was disgusting. During my senior year, prom was only 2 months away when I noticed my stepdad’s face cleared up from all his acne. He told me he read something on the internet and stopped eating dairy. I decided to give it a try. I used to have a bowl of cereal with milk every day for breakfast and also greek yogurt as a snack before cheer practice every day with the usual indulgence of ice cream.  I stopped eating dairy all the way up until prom and my GOD my face cleared up like no other. Not only that, but I started to feel more energetic for cheer practice and less bloated squeezing into my uniform.

When I started college, I used to have milk and cereal at the dining hall during my first year living at the dorms. Once I moved out my second year into an apartment, I felt less of a need for milk as I was on a budget. To this day, I sub in almond milk for EVERYTHING: cereal, eggs, mac n’ cheese, baking, etc. I feel so much better and much more refreshed!

Oh, and just an FYI, THIS is what you’re putting into your body before they filter out the blood and puss, which of course still taints the milk. (courtesy of GOOGLE)

Don’t be afraid to delete dairy!

xx, Bri.



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