Simple Inexpensive Christmas Gifts!

Yea, I know Christmas isn’t for like another month and a half, but I swear it was August like  second ago and now Halloween just happened…like…where did the time go???

Anyways, I hate doing things last minute. It stresses me out and everyone hates stress acne so do yourself a favor: avoid the acne and buy the Christmas presents for your loved ones sooner than later, yea?

Here’s some gifts that are gender neutral and universally convenient! Gifts for the home and self-care are usually the best way to go for people you know and people you don’t know that well! Whether it be for your Mom, Dad, Friend, Girlfriend, boss, etc., these are just a few ideas that are budget friendly and fun for all!

Assembled Apothecary


When do we ever actually go out of our way to buy nice bath and body items for ourselves? The answer is never. Most of us get these items for Christmas and they’re usually from Bath and Body Works and you and all of your cousins end up having the same fragrances in your bathroom. So, rather than gifting some ordinary retailer apothecary line, invest in some travel size organic apothecary items as gifts for your loved ones! Anyone can use them and the travel size makes them convenient. Plus, a non-popular brand that’s organic and environment friendly makes for a much nicer gift than the typical retailer. My favorite affordable apothecary line is Herbivore and it’s sold at select stores. The one I purchase is from The Alcove in Long Beach.

Coffee Crate

Yea, not everyone’s a coffee fan, but tea exists, too OK?? Purchase a small crate, add colored tissue paper at the bottom and fill it with cute coffee accents! A nice mug, coffee beans or coffee pods and a cute to-go coffee cup would fill up the crate and do the trick. And, trust me, no one can have too many mugs and to-go coffee cups. This is super easy for that one friend or boss that’s blood is basically coffee.

Booze and Books Box


Rather than just getting someone a bottle of wine and putting it in a plain bag, the best way to dress up this simple gift is to put mini boozes in a box! Get a small crate (like the coffee crate idea), lay colored tissue paper at the bottom and fill it with mini versions of booze and chaser or even mini champagne bottles! This idea is so much more cute and gives it that personal thoughtful touch! And who’s not going to love booze…like no one so, ya.




No shit, right?? Like yea this one is an absolute no brainer. I’m a candle fanatic, but even if you aren’t one, candles make for the perfect unisex personal or non-personal gift that anyone would like and use at some point. They serve as decorative home pieces, double as jewelry cases and just make your home smell so friggin’ good. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like candles, ya, here’s an easy present.

**All of these gifts pictured above can be found at The Alcove located in Long Beach and Malibu!***

These are just a few universal and gender neutral gifts for friends, family, bosses, etc. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to comment below!

Happy Christmas Shopping!

xx, Bri.


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