Hosting A WinesGiving

What’s more fun than dressing up in nice fitted clothing only to end up uncomfortably stuffing yourself with a ThanksGiving feast??


This year I hosted my first annual all-girl’s WinesGiving event before all my friends went home to visit their families (and also as a last-minute party to destress from midterms before studying for Finals begins).

Here’s some hosting tips on throwing a successful WinesGiving and a sneak peak into this fun-femme-filled night!


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I honestly never understood why families get together and dress up in nice clothing only to lay uncomfortable bloated after going ham on the…well, HAM. I guess it was for taking family pictures, but can we call just pick a separate day of the year where we don’t feast to our full potential to take family pics?

Like who the hell likes to stuff their face in tight formal clothing? Not me. Not you. HENCE, PAJAMA THEMED PARTY. And matching PJ sets can be totally cute, especially when it’s all girls and you don’t care about being in your PJs and stuffing your face with treats.

I decorated my apartment with cute pillows and candles to set a cute and cozy mood as well as set up a backdrop to give a fun activity like photo-boothing! Every girl loves a photo booth and photoshoot with their girls!

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I mean…it is a WINES GIVING EVENT. Of course I will have cocktails. You’re really going to host a mass amount of girls under one roof and expect them to all get to know each other or get along 100% without booze? Like, know your guests please.

The FIRST thing I do when guests come over for an event is POUR THEM A DRINK. It’s a great way to settle in, show your cocktailing skills and if things ever get awkward, booze is the best way to ease your guests. Also, it gets the gossip going and gets you to snackin’ sooner!

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FOOD IS A STAPLE. Like, yea booze is too, don’t get me wrong. BUT, who doesn’t like to eat when they’re buzzing? NO ONE. Your late night runs to Taco Bell and In N’ Out prove otherwise. Everyone gets cravings and food honestly just brings people together because it’s just a universal element that makes people happy, likes music! And if everyone is happy, well, you’ve thrown an amazing event. Since this was a potluck because it was in place of ThanksGiving, everyone brought some cute dishes! Here’s some treats served at my Wines Giving 🙂

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Brie Cheese, Rosemary Crackers, Grapes

Hope these hosting tips help in your next holiday event!

xx, Bri.



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