Modern and Fresh Winter and Spring Scents

I’m a candle fiend. This is nothing new. I have about 8 in my apartment and I leave them open and spread all throughout my home to fill the air with just a trace of their light refreshing scent. Not only does having my candles open and free to infuse the air provide great aromatherapy for myself and my roommates, but you also never know if you’re going to have guests over and having your place smell great without any preparation is a huge plus!


Here are my favorite scents that I’m loving and are great additions to your home to kick off the new year!

Bed Bath and Kitchen Scents!



One Rainy Wish By Tatine is my favorite room scent. It just smells so cozy and put-together!

Notes – misty blue and white rose!

Volcano by Capri Blue Jewelry Bowl Candle is my favorite kitchen and bathroom scent! It smells so refreshing, but not too overwhelming! I love this candle too because it doubles as a jewelry case after the wax burns out!

Notes – tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens!



Living Room and Bedroom Scents!


Capri Blue’s Gilded Muse Smoked Clove and Tabac Candle (black) is my favorite scent for hosting parties and an array of guests! It’s not too feminine and not too masculine scented, but just the perfect blend of both!

Notes –  blend of ginger, clove, geranium, and tobacco!

Capri Blue’s Muse Modern Mint Candle (pearl) is my overall favorite living room and apartment scent! It can work for any room, but generally I love my main gathering room to smell fresh and put-together! While a strong scent, this scent provides a great light and modern lingering tone when not being burned!

Notes – sweet mint, spearmint and green tea!

All of these candle provide great fresh and lingering scents, burning and not burning! All of them left open also creates a great array of notes that work cohesively for a put-together modern home to kick off the new year!

Happy Lighting!

xx, Bri.


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