LA’s The Broad Art Museum

Let me tell you, it took FOREVER to find tickets and an available free day that works for BOTH of our schedules to book a day for the Broad. OH, The Broad! Such a beautiful museum which is a work of art in it of itself.

One thing I absolutely LOVE to do on my limited free days is travel and experience new places. I particularly LOVE art museums and I’m thankful my boyfriend loves them just as much as I do!

General Admission is free, but you do have to reserve tickets. Waiting in line, as opposed to booking can range from a 30 minute to two hour wait so….NO THANKS. However, the wait to get the tickets was definitely worth it.

The Broad features more than 2,000-work Broad collection, “one of the most prominent holdings of postwar and contemporary art worldwide”. Ranging from influential contemporary artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Barbara Kruger, Cy Twombly, Ed Ruscha, Kara Walker, Christopher Wool, Jeff Koons, Joseph Beuys, Jasper Johns, Cindy Sherman, Robert Rauschenberg and more, to more younger artists, The Broad “enriches, provokes, inspires, and fosters appreciation of art of our time”.

Here are some pieces I absolutely loved that I’m sure you’re familiar with. BUT, nonetheless, they’re worth seeing in person.






The museum is actually located fairly close to Grand Central Market, the famous rustic food court filled with various vendors and cultural foods to die for. Here’s me and my love enjoying some beer at the entrance! They have so many great food options, I’ll probably do a separate post solely on this piece of heaven in DTLA. It’s a great place to grab a bite after visiting The Broad!

Happy Travels!

xx, Bri.

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