Build Your Own Succulent Bar and Other Galentine’s Festivity Ideas!

Valentine’s Day is my favorite Hallmark Holiday. I love the theme and I love how festive and celebratory it is in our culture!

The roses I receive from my boyfriend are a nice touch, too…he.

But, in all honestly, boyfriend or no boyfriend, Valentine’s is a great way to spend time with the people you love, like your GIRLFRIENDS. There’s plenty of super fun festivities for Valentine’s Day that you can do with your girlfriends and here’s one of my faves:


Succulent Bars are a RARE thing and they are so much fun! Planting is super therapeutic and you can get creative with your friends by building your own succulent or building one together! You can do this at home, but I feel it’s a bit more inexpensive and more fun to do with your girlfriends especially when using different sands if you really want to get creative!

  1. Choose Your Pot and Choose Your Succulent
  2. Start with Different Sands for the Base. Colored Sands are More Fun for layering!5d30cddf-dbf3-48bf-9631-64719f2028e6
  3. Insert Soil about three fourths of the way.
  4. Leave a little hole in the middle or wherever you want to put your succulent and plant the succulent in that hole.1ad39e6f-0965-4ff4-b50f-769fcac44914
  5. Cover soil with more sand or cool toppings like rocks and crystals!

Planting and Succulent Bars are a super fun and creative way to spend GALentine’s Day! They last FOREVER since they’re low maintenance and require little attention so they are super easy easy to maintain! You’ll have a gift that lasts forever!

(Succulent Bar above is located at The Alcove in Long Beach)

Other Fun Affordable Festivites :

  • Wine Tasting on the Coast (there’s plenty coupons on Groupon!)
  • Kayaking
  • Beer Tasting at your Local Brewery
  • Cooking or Baking Class! (Plenty of coupons on Groupon!)
  • Hiking at the Beach and Brunch!

All of the activities above are super fun best not-so-basic ways to spend time with your girls! Groupon also has pretty great deals this time of year for some of these activities!

Happy Galentine’s!

xx, Bri.


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