Nightly Routine for an Easier Morning

While juggling school, an internship and a job, it’s slowly been hitting me (like a truck): Starting June, I’m going to really have to have my sh*t together and wake up even earlier for that 9-5 adult life.

And if you couldn’t figure it out, as much as I try to be, I am much more a night person than a morning person. Waking up at 8am every day for class and even for work deprives me from the luxury of sleeping in. However, this new nightly routine I’ve been implementing and making a habit has actually been working and it really does make my mornings much easier, stress-free and gives me an overall start to a healthy, happy day! Here’s what makes waking up for morning classes/work easier:

Shower Before Bed

This is a must. Showering takes time and effort in the morning, not to mention, hair drying and your body care routine. Showering at night can be very therapeutic as a way to wind down from a busy day. Showering before bed saves you lots of time in the morning!

Pick Your Outfit For The Next Day

I HAVE to do this every night or else I get too stressed out if I can’t find an outfit for the day and I’m pressed for time. Picking out your outfit is not only fun since you’re not on a time crunch, but it saves you lots of time and stress for the next morning!

Prep Your Breakfast And Lunch For The Next Day

I love to have my breakfast ready for my the next morning so I don’t have to spend time cooking and washing dishes. Again, you’re on a time crunch and sometimes you have to leave your dishes behind and not done in the sink. I’m sure we’re all guilty of this. Eventually the dishes build up at the end of the day and the last thing you want to do after a long day is come home to some dirty dishes to clean. Cooking or prepping your breakfast the night before is SUPER handy if you love breakfast and really need it to function! I like to cook scrambled eggs with spinach the night before that I can microwave in the morning, or letting oatmeal soak into almond milk overnight in the fridge for a sweet treat in the morning! Blending frozen fruit with almond milk also makes for a super quick and easy breakfast smoothie!

Pack Your Bag For The Next Day

Sounds silly, but my God does this save time. I always make sure my wallet, laptop, pens, pencils, face powder, keys, etc. are ready to go in my bag so I can just pick it up on my way out the door. I hate scrambling to find my keys, wallet or find out later in the day that I’m without one of these staples. Plus, if you’re running late and are in a rush, forgetting something is the worst and scrambling to find something so you make it to work on time is so stressful.

Drink Tea At Night

Since I’m not a morning person and VERY much a night person, going to sleep early enough to wake up at 8am and not feel grumpy is a little challenge for me. I try to aim to go to bed by 11pm, but I’m just too amped at the end of the day sometimes. What helps me wind down, besides showering, is brewing some mint tea. Not only does mint and chamomile tea cut the late night food cravings, but it helps you doze off as well and get a good night’s rest!

Avoid Sugar And Fruits At Night

Sugar keeps you up. This is a fact. Eating sweets or fruit before bed keeps you a little more alert for a couple hours and can really mess up a good heavy night’s rest. It’s always better to stop eating fruits and sweets in the afternoon!

Clean Your Room

A cluttered space contributes to a cluttered mind and adds to stress. Cleaning your room is VERY therapeutic and a clean living space makes for a happy and healthier mentality. Plus, cleaning your room every night takes only minutes and makes it easier than cleaning once a week where you’d have to dedicate some real time and effort to re-organizing and tidying up your room!

Read Before Bed

This one might be the hardest for most people, which sounds silly, but buckling down at the end of the day and avoiding your phone is really challenging. Reading before bed not only tires your eyes, but it’s a great therapeutic way to wind down and focus your mind on something else. Reading is a great way to detach from social media and everything else that will keep you up for hours late at night. It takes great discipline to stay away from your phone and buckle down to read, but reading has many mental benefits as well as educational, too.

Incorporating all these into my nightly routine really, honestly, truly makes my morning hassle free and gives me a great start to the day!

Cheers to Happy Mornings, and Sweet Dreams!

xx, Bri. 


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