Spring Essentials with Faithful The Brand


I know it’s still February with some rain and 60 degree weather (in Southern California)…well, California in general, but it’s only customary to celebrate Spring earlier than usual.

AND BESIDES, it’s better to have those SPRING ESSENTIALS in your closet sooner than later, yea?


Here’s some pieces from Faithful The Brand that I’ve been loving lately! (Outfit Inspos paired with KYMA sandals)



Left: Mala Top (tie is in the back, front is plain like the Marlow Top), Right: Marlow Top

What I love about these tops is that you can totally wear these with jeans or flowy pants AND they’re easy to layer over!

OUTFITS and Color Schemes

The Blues


MALA Top paired with Bottoms: Malaga Skirt, Sandals: Patmos in Green



MALA Top paired with Bottoms: Marieta in Vintage Blue, Sandals: Antiperos in Grey


 Marlow Top paired with Bottoms: Marieta in Vintage Pink, Sandals: Antiperos in Grey
MALA Top paired with Bottoms: Caribe Wrap Skirt , Sandals: Antiperos in Grey


What I love about all of these pieces is that they melt perfectly into Summer and totally blend for Fall! Since all of the pieces are super lightweight, they’re easy to layer with cozy cardigans and jackets. Soooo, I guess these pieces are technically 3/4 year round essentials?? I strongly dislike pieces that are hardly wearable for multiple occasions, so all these pieces I’m just totally loving and totally recommend if you love to invest in a quality brand with pieces that work year round.

All of the pieces above can currently be found at Shop The Alcove located in Long Beach or ShopTheAlcove.com 

Hopefully these inspire your Spring Collection!

Happy Shopping!

xx, Bri.



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