Personal Skin Misconceptions

This post is literally addressing the title: Personal Skin Misconceptions that I am personally tired of hearing and have been fed up with growing up. I’m also going to be talking about some personal skin facts I don’t even like to discuss with my close friends so get ready for some raw realness.

First, I do NOT genetically have “good” skin. I personally hate the stereotype “you’re Asian so you have nice skin”. News flash, take a look around and you’ll see all kinds of ethnicities with different types of skin. It’s not a race thing and it’s low-key discriminatory of those who say that. I wouldn’t deem my skin as “good” just because I’m not as easily prone to breakouts as others. On the contrary, it’s extremely sensitive and I have creams for conditions.

Here’s the lowdown on my skin:

I have eczema. If you don’t know what that is, read about it here. Basically, it’s a chronic skin rash where you develop dry, itchy patches of skin. I’ve had it on my face, I’ve had it on my eyelid (which was the worst because I had a lazy eye for Senior Prom) and I had it on the back of my neck. The sh*tty thing about eczema is that it can pop up anytime it wants: when I’m extremely stressed, when the weather changes, etc. and it’s itchy and irritating as f*ck. It’s also painful. Imagine having the chicken pox, but it keeps coming back in the places you don’t want it to. Thankfully, it hasn’t broken out since I’ve been at college, but I always have a cream prescribed by my doctor because you never know.

Second, I have dandruff. IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK SO THROW THOSE MYTHS OUT THE WINDOW, PLEASE. Dandruff doesn’t happen because you don’t wash your hair enough. It’s not even about your hair at all, actually. It’s about the skin on your scalp. Dandruff is a condition where skin cells grow and die off too fast. This results in the “flakes” you see. I am constantly fighting the urge to scratch my head in class, in meetings, at parties, etc. And, it’s also SUPER embarrassing when your skin just decides to flake off onto your shoulders . So, next time you see someone with “flakes” or “lint” on their shoulders, please refrain from shouting, “WHAT’S THAT??” and bringing attention to a skin condition someone cannot help. So, yea. Again, I wouldn’t deem it as “good” skin .


Now that you know those two personal sh*tty skin facts, here’s the bright side (for those who can relate): MANY people suffer from the same sh*t.

I literally thought something was super wrong with me growing up because I literally did not have any friends with the same skin problems. Everyone else just “broke out” with acne. So did I occasionally, so I guessed that was the only “normal” thing. My mother would also constantly point out when my skin was particularly looking patchy in high school which didn’t help (thanks, Mom).

A positive way of looking at this if you have either or both is  that it has nothing to do with how well you take care of your skin, for the most part. I consistently cleanse my face with non-harsh chemicals or ingredients and use sensitive and safe products. I also refrain from wearing heavy makeup on a daily basis and I do not “pick” at acne when it decides to show up. I make it a habit to use gentle organic products and I’m super clean, which I feel is the reason my skin is clear for the most part, NOT because I’m a certain ethnicity.

If you suffer from either, here’s some of my favorite products for dandruff and eczema:

Head and Shoulders Itchy Scalp Shampoo is great because it has eucalyptus which I find to be super cooling for my scalp and not too drying for my hair, as long as I use a conditioner after (which you should, of course).

Image result for head and shoulders itchy scalp shampoo

For washing my face when I had eczema breakouts, Cetaphil Facial Cleanser was super gentle on my skin and recommended by my doctor.

Image result for cetaphil facial cleanser

There are also home remedies for dealing with dandruff! Massaging your scalp with lemon water is super beneficial for your skin! I’ve noticed it relieves the itching quite a bit.

P.S. Even if you suffer from dandruff or eczema, everyone suffers at different extents. Some people have dandruff, but don’t have the itch as bad. Some people only break out once in a while with eczema. It all varies, and if your conditions are worse or are getting worse, consult your doctor to get specialized treatment and creams.

xx, Bri.



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