Curve Your Relationship With Food

If you’re a big foodie, like me, then you’re not just a snack person. You’re a meal person, too. You’re a savory and a sweets person. You love to eat out and you love to cook and dine in. If you’re an extreme foodie, you probably have a separate food instagram (like me) or a food blog (No shame).

Being a HUGE food person has its perks. You get to experience so many different tastes and textures from every culture. To me, food is equivalent to traveling the world. That euphoric feeling you get when experiencing something so enjoyable and new and it opens up your mind (Yes, food has the power to do that). The problem is, for us folks who don’t have crazy fast metabolisms, our cravings and adventures aren’t always the greatest for our health. Some people gain weight more easily than others. Some people binge, too. So if you’re a foodie like me and can’t curve the cravings, here’s some ways to curve your relationship with food:


It’s OK to eat more than Three Meals a Day

Mind blown? Since I love my meals, I have about three to four (Sometimes five!) small meals a day. During the weekdays I usually start my mornings with a boiled egg and a banana to fuel me up a bit and chug a glass of lemon water. I also make it a point to get that mug of green tea in to kickstart my metabolism for the day. I’m usually okay on this for about an hour. Then, throughout the day I have three small meals. I usually have some kind of protein like chicken or salmon with a cup of steamed veggies (NEVER FROZEN! The fresher the better because you’re getting your nutrients). Next, I usually have maybe two salads the rest of the day depending on how hungry I am. I tend to eat every 2-3 hours and I drink LOTS of water. Drinking water helps you feel fuller and is key to a healthy digestive system. As long as your meals are healthy and nutrient packed, it’s OK to have more than three meals a day. Your body needs fuel and NOT eating when your body is telling you it’s hungry actually slows your metabolism. COUNTING CALORIES DOESN’T WORK!

Incoporate Your Sugar and Savory Fix Into Your Meals & Snacks

If you absolutely must have something savory or sweet during the day, choosing the right healthy fresh foods are the best route to go so you don’t have to feel so guilty. Avoid chips, preservatives, crackers, etc. They are empty carbs and lead to bloating. For me, Watermelon or Mangoes usually do the trick for the sweets craving. They’re sweet enough to fix my sugar craving, but they’re still fresh fruits so I’m getting some nutrients and vitamins in! For salty cravings, I usually go for spicy hummus or tomato basil hummus with a small handful of organic pita chips! For meals, I usually add some lemon pepper and salt to my protein and veggies, and hot sauce!

Make Sauce Your Best Friend

Your meals and snacks don’t have to be BORING if they’re loaded with protein and veggies. You can definitelly add a small portion of sauce to add a kick of flavor! I love Tabasco’s Green Jalapeño Sauce with my salmon and chicken! It’s tangy and savory and adds some heat to my steamed veggies, too! Adding a teaspon of soysauce or even salad dressings to give your meals some kick is also great for adding more flavor!

Eat Well 80% of the Time So You Can Relax 20% of the Time

Sometimes we get caught up in eating healthy all the time and feel guilty when we “accidently” have an icecream cone or a few cookies at night. Then we get in a “fuck it” mode because we already ate one unhealthy snack or meal and we think it’s ok to eat more of it. It’s important to give yourself “cheat days” so you don’t go insane and end up binge eating. To do this, I usually meal prep on Sundays so I can eat healthy Monday through Thursday. My meal prep consists of super clean eating with lean protein, natural fresh steamed veggies and salads with dark leafy greens (Croutons are OK!) Then, I buy salads to have as one meal per day for Friday through Sunday so I know I’m eating at least ONE healthy meal on my “cheat days”.  The next step is up to you. If you’re going in for the pasta or pizza, try doing it at noon instead of the nighttime. Heavier meals and carb-filled meals should be consumed earlier in the day so you can burn it off the rest of the day. This way, you don’t have cravings during the week and you can have your cake, too!

These are just some ways that helped me curve my relationship with food. If you’re a big foodie like me, you understand the struggle. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle! Hopefully the tips above help curve your relationship when you can’t curve the cravings!


xx, Bri


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