3 Things I’ve learned from my Mother(s)

Happy Mother’s Day!

With a love nothing and no one can compare to, mothers are the gift that keeps on giving! They teach us valuable lessons and in some sepcial ways we mirror their behavior, their habits, their style (sometimes), their beauty hacks, basically everything! For daughters, there is truly no role model comparable.

For me, I was lucky to grow up with my mother and my stepmother majority of my adolescence, so here are three of the most valuable things I’ve learned from the two most influential women in my life.

There’s No True Beauty Like Your Own

My mother hardly wears makeup. Not kidding. She doesn’t really know how to (sorry, mom) Even foundation. But it’s for her benefit, really! She just started wearing CC cream on a daily basis like 3 years ago?? She’s also never owned a makeup palette or eyeshadow palette. YEA. My mother has skin to die for because of this and is all about embracing your true beauty and appreciating the features that make you, well YOU. She’s always taught me to “own it” and embrace every natural part of me. I refrained from wearing heavy makeup and damaging my skin all throughout high school and all throughout college. I always had to wear moisturizer with SPF! She invested her “beauty budget” all towards skincare. She is literally all about preventative measures, moisturinzing your skin and being extremely hygenic! Because of her, I established a stable beauty and skincare routine for the morning and nighttime since I was in middle school! I owe all my beauty standards to her.

Always Put People First

My stepmother is literally one of the most gentle and nurturing women I have ever met. She is constantly giving all of her energy to other people. She is kind and always caring and even when she is frustrated (usually with my brothers, HAHA) she will still do them favors and put all of her energy into caring for others, always putting people before herself. To me, she is the defintion of selfless love, never expecting anything in return and is truly the gift that keeps on giving. She taught me the positive energy you give to others is worth it. It overall makes you a happy person and makes the people around you happy. She taught me that it’s not always about you and that an unselfish love is the most rewarding love.

Be HUNGRY and Take Every Opportunity That Comes Your Way

Something I’ve learned from both my mother and stepmother is to always work hard and be hungry! No, I’m not talking about food, but we do LOVE a good meal. I’m talking about making the most of your time and your network. I owe my social skills and networking skills to them. Both of them are very friendly women and are both always encrouaging me to be opportunistic with traveling, going to events, applying for leadership and work positions. I’ve never been taught to settle with what I have or “make it work”. They taught me to always be looking for the next thing and always taking the next step. They taught me that obstacles such as money or lack of experience are only small obstacles, nothing too challenging to stop me. I owe all of my success and travel opportunities to them! Throughout my life, they’ve encouraged me to travel abroad, apply for positions I didn’t think I could get and overall persevere. There is truly no love like a mother’s!

What are you gifting the special woman in your life??

Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely and hardworking moms out there!

xx, Bri.


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