3 Morning Habits Every Badass Should Practice

Seriously? Serious.

I’m a strong believer in how your morning routine sets the tone for the rest of your day (and overall life, tbh). Read a self-help book. I’m serious. Most likely any author of a self-help book will mention something about a morning routine. It’s necessary for productivity.

There’s 3 morning habits I practice that overall motivate me to be productive for the rest of the day so here’s the three keys to unlocking the best version of yourself.

Make Your Bed

No, sh*t. Were you expecting something more interesting? Sorry. Your mother was right. Make your damn bed. If you’re an adult, you shouldn’t have to feel like making your bed is a chore. The first step to getting your life together is making your bed. I know what you’re thinking, and NO I have not always been this prim and proper girl and super anal about cleaning. In fact, in high school my mother would have force me to make my bed before I could hang out with friends or before guests came over, and even then I’d just throw my blanket over my bed and call it a day. I promise if you start practicing this habit, it will slowly motivate you to have a more organized room, organized house, etc. The thing about cleanliness habits is that they start small and eventually grow into something bigger and better. It’s like watering a plant. Start with making your bed and the rest of your good cleaning habits will flourish.

Sunlight & Water

Speaking of plants, think of yourself as one. We’re very similar. We need hydration and we need some light for nourishment, unless you hate the sun for some reason which is pretty much illegal in Southern California. Once I wake up, the first thing I do is open my windows and down an entire glass of water. Again, go read a book or a magazine. Every health related article you read about staying hydrated will most likely advise you to drink water before you go to bed and when you wake up. Also, plainly think about it. We don’t hydrate for about eight hours overnight. You need to hydrate your body for your mind to function properly. Also, this will help with digestion for when you eat breakfast. As for opening the windows, let the sun’s rays in and burn the dead skin cells floating around in your home. Yes, that is a thing and yes, it’s f*cking gross. I swear on God, though. Do your research. Let the sun’s rays do their job and also create a space for you that’s light and bright to wake your brain up. It’s like smelling cinnamon. It wakes up the brain.

Be Thankful

& No, I don’t mean writing down everything you’re thankful for. It’s not everyone’s thing to journal so there’s so many ways to practice being thankful. For example, I like to practice being thankful by watering my plants or my roommate’s. I may make an extra coffee for my roommates. I might call my grandparents. There’s little things you can do each day to practice being thankful and carry gratitude in your heart throughout the day. Sometimes that’s doing a little something extra to appreciate someone or appreciate yourself. Water your plants. Write in your journal. Call a loved one. It’s also about practicing self-love, which is something everyone needs when starting the day. I promise carrying a thankful and grateful heart will lead to happier days. Remembering we have everything we need and being thankful for that puts us in a better mood throughout the day for whatever may come. 


So there’s the three. Pretty simple. Stupidly simple? Probably. More often than not, a big reason why we feel sh*tty and less productive throughout the day is because we aren’t setting the tone right. Get up. Get moving and stay motivated. I promise these three simple habits will lead to success and are simply what every badass shoud practice.


xx, Bri.




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