Belated Big Thanks

Quick recap of the recent more shitty events in my life thus far:

  • My NEW laptop I purchased earlier this year JUST broke
  • I accidentally told my boss I smoked weed ONCE and now she thinks I’m a stoner (even though she’s smoked, too?) don’t ask for context
  • Got into my first argument with my Grandma, like who argues with their grandparents, IDK, not me
  • My fucking state is on fire and pollution is ever consuming and my $$ donations feel like no help at all
  • I ghosted a guy who is seemingly perfect as in 1. Good looking, 2. Mentally Stable, 3. Financially Stable, and most importantly, 4. Can hold his liquor, but there’s no fucking connection and I’d rather have a conversation with a brick wall

Needless to say, the recent events have really thrown me a curve ball this season, but I’m still swingin’, so here’s all the things I am so very thankful for that constantly put my life in perspective and bring out the good in every day even if every day may not be a great one:

  1. MY ROOMMATE. Honestly, without my roommate/best friend, I really don’t know how I would 1. Watch horror movies and sleep peacefully at night and 2. Have a solid support system away from home. She’s the sweetest most genuine person I know.
  2. MY BEST FRIEND. If you follow me on Instagram, all my weekend stories and posts are with one girl and we legit have the same stories taken in different angles. She’s always down for anything and everything and I couldn’t ask for a better partner to do life in my twenties with!
  3. MY GUY FRIENDS. I’m not big on having a shit ton of girl friends. I was in a sorority and it was nice having a bunch of girl friends, but honestly only 3 were real solid friendships. I recently established a pretty cool friendship with a group of guys who live down the street from me and I’m super thankful for having a solid group of guys who are more than just drinking buddies. We can make pizza rolls and hang out at the park, have brunch at the beach, host a taco Tuesday, etc. They make the most simple things and ideas the most fun and have been one of the nicest things to happen to me in the last year.
  4. MY PARENTS. You didn’t think I’d forget, did you? OBVIOUSLY, I’m super thankful. I wouldn’t have been able to move from San Francisco to Southern California if it weren’t for them. I’m thankful for the opportunities and love I’ve been given for all 22 years of my sweet and short life!
  5. MY FUCKING DEGREE. I can proudly say I’m one degree hotter and scored a solid job that pays for my rent, alcoholic weekends and guilty shopping habits.
  6. TRAVELING. This year I went to Hawaii twice and Spain! So far, I’ve also been to Italy and France and my love for traveling is something I can’t compare to any other feeling. I’m super thankful for these priceless opportunities.
  7. YOU. Super thankful for all of my supporters who’ve grown Everything Brunch into something I was even doubtful to start over a year ago. A BIG giveaway for all of your support is coming for the holidays!


These SOLID SEVEN  make breaking my new laptop seem like a minor setback. I’m super thankful for everything that’s happened in the last year, friendships I’ve made and memories abroad that will last a life time!

What are you thankful for?


xx, Bri


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