2019’s RAD Resolutions

All I have to say is…..um, 2018, THANK U, NEXT.

This entire year was a total curve ball to say the least.


I have a good feeling about 2019, though…like a really GOOD feeling. I’m not super into new year resolutions because 1. It’s all about consistency and that’s why 99% of people’s resolutions are never followed through and 2. It’s all about becoming a better version of yourself every day and if you aren’t trying to do that today, why the hell bother with doing it tomorrow.


Here’s some pretty rad “resolutions” that are super simple and realistic for even myself and the average millennial to follow through with:


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As if it wasn’t cheesy enough: What you think, you become. I feel worse sometimes when I really go on a tangent about something or someone I really dislike. It’s nice to get things off my chest that are weighing me down, but to an extent. Finding the good in even the shittiest of situations makes life just that much easier and happier. In sum, the goal is to shift my perspective and be happy with what I have and so I’ll have everything I need. No need for complaining .


I feel like in college I was “friends” with people I didn’t have a care in the world for. It’s not necessarily being fake, it’s just being nice, but I realized I made an effort to hang out with people I didn’t truly care about. I mean…I’m only friends with a fraction of the amount of people I hung out with in college. I think everyone kind of reaches a point where your circle of friends gets smaller and you realize who you genuinely like spending time with and who you only spent time with because they were just around the people you hung out with. I don’t mind having a small group of friends and I have every intention of watering friendships I genuinely want to grow.


I’m leaning towards investing time into hobbies and relationships that feed the soul, i.e. new novels, coffee shop hunting, road trips, etc.I’m talking about ADVENTURING. Here’s my bucket list:

  • Road trip to somewhere with SNOW
  • Visit more art museums (I’ve literally been to every single one in Southern California, except for Laguna’s)
  • Rent a cabin at a lake for Memorial Day Weekend
  • Attend more concerts (I’ve only been to five concerts this year alone and they’re literally the happiest of events in my opinion)
  • Find a new hiking trail every month (this may not be realistic, but hey, a girl can dream)



I’m guilty of being a big analyzer. My roommate and I both are and I think it’s because we’ve always loved literature so much, analyzing everything is just a second nature. I analyze social interactions at parties and I don’t even realize it until it’s 2am and I’m in bed discussing with my roommate the aftermath. Needless to say, I tend to dwell and I truly believe this leads me to be less forgiving most of the time. I’m not big on second chances and I’m not big on giving my time and energy into things that annoy me even once. My goal, not just for this year, but just life in general is to be more forgiving not just to others, but to myself. I’ve been learning not to dwell on things and just to let go and I think everyone can use a little bit of this, too.


Penny for your thoughts?

xx, Bri







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