Send that Risky Text, the Earth is Melting: Four Fearless Ways to be a total BADASS in 2019

Good morning, people.

Friendly Reminder: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

So shoot your shot in 2019.

Following up from my last post on my 2019 Resolutions, I’ve had quite some time to reflect on what I missed out on this past year.

This year, when I got hired at my first full-time job, I was offered less than what I KNEW I deserved, but because I was so desperate for a full-time job, I took it anyways. Once I graduated college earlier this year, I realized I had settled for people I really didn’t need nor want in my life and they were there literally just because. I also settled in a long-term relationship that was a dying no matter how much I watered it. As an optimist, I was blind to a lot of these things I was “settling” for.

Here’s what I regret doing:

The job was so easy and so conveniently close to home, I settled for less than my worth. I settled for people whose friendship I didn’t even genuinely enjoy anymore. I settled for someone I had been with for over two years just because I was comfortable.  As a result of this I was unchallenged and unmotivated in many aspects. I absolutely hated having this mindset, so it was time for a change.

Flash forward a few months and I was single. I hung out with significantly less people than usual and had a small group of friends I enjoyed doing everything with. I started applying for other positions in the industry I actually wanted to be in even if the commute was longer and the firms in the industry I aspired to be in started reaching out to me. I’ve recently felt ecstatic about a new beginning. This study by the USC Psychology Department Study also gave me some clarity:

“Being happy with your work and loving what you do is an overall productivity booster that enhances performance. People who enjoy their work are more optimistic, learn faster, make fewer mistakes, and make better business decisions overall”

In sum, if you don’t love what you’re doing or where you’re at, it affects every aspect of your life…and in 2019 that’s definitely NOT the goal. The goal is to become the very best version of ourselves we can possibly be and 2019 is just the start.

So here’s some Shots every Badass should Shoot (career wise and personally):

Apply for That Job

Don’t settle for less than anything you’re worth. Be confident in what you know and be excited to teach and to learn. Carry the confidence that you know you’re bringing value to the table because you absolutely are.

Ask for That Raise

Know you’re worth and then add tax. Take advice and be open to guidance. And, if it’s promised or if you think you deserve that raise, ask for it. Do your research, know the average salary of that position in your area. The worst that can happen is they say no.

Send That Risky Text

Yes, the earth is melting and yes, time is precious. In every aspect, even in this one, don’t settle for less than your worth. I think it’s bold to reach out to the person you like so there’s no time wasted worrying and wondering. You don’t lose anyone’s respect when you make an effort and get rejected. You lose respect for yourself when you start to think you’re not worth someone’s time or attention. If you get absolutely ghosted, then they absolutely aren’t worth your time. FULL SEND.

Give Without Expecting Return

One of the best advice I’ve ever received in life was from a multi-millionaire who went from being extremely introverted to an extremely extroverted business man. He said, “The best way to be greedy is to be generous”. Get in the habit of giving without terms and expectations or conditions attached. This avoids disappointment in yourself and in others. If you give thinking you deserve value in return, people can see right through it. Implementing this practice only requires you to do one simple thing: never ask for anything from anyone without asking yourself, how can I give this person crazy amount of value myself, first? This can be applied to your career or your relationships. Be nice to people without expecting them to be nice right back. The fact of the matter is, you can’t change things around you, but you can change how you react.

So, there you have it.

Majority of my life I was afraid to ask for things because majority of my life I was afraid of rejection. This literally didn’t change until college came around and I can’t imagine not going after what I want. AND even then, I’m still learning, which leads me to my main point:

Don’t be afraid of change and never settle for less. Constantly learn. Be open. Be hungry.

If someone tells you no, question why. If your actions are rewarded, question why. If you think you can do better, do better. If something is getting you down, hack your mentality to lift yourself up. Everything in life has precisely the meaning you give it. Don’t let the fear of rejection or past trauma hinder you. Let it fuel you. 

2019 is the year.


xx, Bri










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