Let’s Talk Lashes

3 Things I wish I considered before getting lash extensions:

1. You Can’t Touch Your Damn Eyes

I’m not kidding. As someone who frequently touches my eyes, this is a problem. I wear contacts every day all day because I’m blind as a bat so when it comes to adjustments, itchy eyes, etc., alleviating those ticks is much harder than I considered. I can’t shower with my contacts on anymore because my lashes trap water and literally make me go blind for the rest of my shower. I also sleep on my face, which is another problem since any friction could fuck up your lashes or tear your eyelashes off (not fun). With that being said, I’m forced to sleep like a corpse in a coffin. Basically, you have to avoid any contact or friction with your lashes, which is a big challenge especially after washing your face and patting your lashes dry. I’ve never been more gentle with anything in my life, even holding babies.

2. You’ll Be BROKE AF

It’s true. A full set of lashes can cost anywhere between $100-$300 and bi-weekly touch ups cast cost anywhere from $50 to $90, depending on your lash artist. It really does break the bank, but the reason why I think it’s worth the investment is because I don’t wear ANY makeup. I hardly did before I got lash extensions, but now I don’t invest any $$ into mascara, eyeliner or even eye shadow anymore. I save so much time getting ready for work, parties, etc. because full lashes just give an already put together look. I also don’t worry too much about looking like shit in the morning or when surprise guests are over.

3. It’s An Addiction

About being broke AF, it’s because once you get them done, you’ll fall in love. I’m serious. Lash extensions are so convenient and easy, literally a girl’s best friend. I can’t tell if I regret trying them because I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever go back to being bald (in the eyes). It’s more addicting than retail because there’s no regret after. There’s no impulsive decisions. It’s like a hair appointment. Something you didn’t really think you NEEDED until after you see the amazing results.

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Despite the complaints about my bank account, my lash artist is super affordable and close to home (based in Long Beach). It took me three lash artists to find someone I actually liked and she does an AMAZING job. Her name is Amanda and you can find her on Instagram, here.

xx, Bri


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  1. “Sleep like a corpse in a coffin” LOL. I’ve heard so many cons about getting lash extensions that it makes me not want to get them. They’re super pretty nevertheless but girl, I don’t have that much money to get them filled every 2 weeks or so. I’m a contacts wearer and I sleep on my sides a lot and I’ve seen girls sleep with their extensions and wake up with wonky eyelashes!!


    • LOL, I feel this on a spiritual level. I wear contacts, too so it’s a struggle for sure AND I prefer to sleep on my stomach. What helps is a silk sleep mask! They’re high maintenance, but they make getting ready for anything low maintenance!


      • I love the idea of cutting down my time of getting ready but I don’t know if I’m committed into the maintenance that comes with eyelash extensions. I’ll probably end up being that girl who has 1 eyelash extension hanging on for dear life and I’m convincing myself I don’t need a fill for another week haha!


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