How to Properly Do an Alcohol Cleanse in Your Early 20s

You don’t.

3 Reasons why I failed my alcohol cleanse:

  1. I’m a social drinker.
  2. Stress
  3. Wine pairs well with most of my dinners

Unless you’re not a fan of drinking to begin with or are just a homebody, an alcohol cleanse in your early 20s is not really a thing.

You CAN cut back though.

Which is exactly what I’ve been trying to do in 2019.

5cbd294e-32f6-4fab-bda9-cf1784b8793cThe last few months of 2018 had my liver and my bank account begging for mercy. I went out and drank about three times a week: Once on the weekdays and twice (heavily) on the weekends. (I’m not an alcoholic, I swear)

This led me to a game of “how long can I make $20 in my checking last four days until my next paycheck?”. Also, I was bloated like all the fucking time.

Anyways, recently, I’ve been on a goal to drink no more than two times a week and ONLY on the weekends. I’ve allowed myself a glass of wine on only one weekday. This way, I’m not counting down the days till’ I can binge out on the weekend. 3 Things to stick by:

  1. If you’re going to drink heavily on the weekend, stick to CLEAN ingredients: i.e. Tequila shots with only lime and salt. AVOID juices and sodas that make you bloated and give you gnarly headaches.
  2. Avoid beer at all costs. I love beer. Not a fan of IPAs as much, but nonetheless, unless there’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING else available at the time, i.e. a party, avoid the dad bod drink. Usually three beers can have me feeling pretty good by the end of the night, but my body feels the worst the morning after.
  3. Limit yourself to one drink Monday-Thursday and if you’re going out on the weekend, BRING CASH ONLY. If you only have $20 or $40 on you, then you’re limited to two or three drinks, which is just enough for a good time and makes you physically incapable of spending more especially when intoxicated. Your bank account will thank you. 

Here’s the 3 golden rules to stick by that’s closest to an “alcohol cleanse” in your 20s because let’s be real: life is too short to count all your damn calories and thankfully, wine is made from grapes!

xx, Bri


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