Kick-Ass Men’s Products Women Should Use

OK, before you judge, read the rest of this.

Let me rant for a sec and bring you a little reality check that you probably already knew if you’re a girl: Women’s toiletry products are WAY overpriced and actually cost so much more than men’s products for less quantity and quality.

It’s called the PINK TAX.

Run to your nearest Target and go to the deoderant section. For the same fluid ounces (or less) women’s deoderant averages about a dollar more than men’s. Our shampoo, conditioner and even shaving creams cost at least a dollar more.

And we eat it up.

We’re suckers for pretty packaging.

Thus, has inspired a post all about men’s products I’ve tried over the last year that I find work WAYYY better (in my opinion), last longer and are much cheaper.


KickAss Men's Products Women Should Use.png

Here’s the kick-ass products:

Old Spice Bearglove Wild Men’s Deoderant

Every wonder why guys can smell so good for so long throughout the day when they don’t carry around a purse for a quick spritz?? WELL HERE’S THE SECRET: Old Spice Men’s Deoderant. This one is my favorite and smells the least “manly” to me. Not only does this deoderant have notes of apple, citrus, and spice, but it’s also aluminum free! My old roommate actually introduced this to me last year and I’ve been hooked ever since. I literally only apply this once a day in the morning and only have to reapply if I’m going to the gym or going out later at night.

Men’s Razors

Personally, I’ve never cut my legs while shaving. In fact, I get a much smoother shave when I use men’s razors. I don’t really care about the brand, but I find men’s razors get cleaner cut to shaving.  Reader’s Digest did a piece comparing male and female razors, the biggest contrasts being different angling and arc of the razor heads. Not sure if I really believe all that, but from experience, it works for me.

Harry’s Face Wash

You already know I’m all about paraben-free, sulfate-free brands that DON’T TEST ON ANIMALS. This face wash is legit the shit. It contains volcanic rock, which cleans and exfoliates your skin. It also contains natural essential oils of eucalyptus and mint so your skin feels refreshed and cool! I like this better than most women’s face wash and my face doesn’t smell like artificial “fruit”.

Try it before you judge it. All of these products have been total game changers for me and other women I know who’ve used them.








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  1. Haha, girl I’m so with you on this one! I use men’s razors because 1. I feel like they shave better and 2. They’re so much more cheaper! I didn’t think about using men deodorant but I might have to give that one a try! I like using a lot of men products like face wash from jack black and their moisturizer because they work just as well and they’re affordable compare to the other name brand moisturizer at Sephora!

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