Lazy Girl’s Guide to Being Clean 24/7

I used to be a complete mess to live with. Really. Truly.

When I first started college, I rarely cleaned my room. I hardly ever cleaned the kitchen after I cooked. It took me forever to throw my bathroom trash out. To top it off, I only deep cleaned maybe once every few months? YIKES.

Anyways, I don’t know how I got here post-grad, but something in me clicked and now I can’t even function in a messy and cluttered environment. So, here’s some easy useful tips for the lazy girl who finds herself “deep cleaning” every season and dreads when that day comes:

1: Put things away right after you’ve used them.

When coming home, instead of simply dumping your sweater, shoes and bag near the door or on the first table you see, have a designated place to put those. For example, keep a coat hanger or wall hangers in your room so you can easily walk into your room and automatically hang your jacket, keys and bag all at once. It’ll avoid having to put things away later and you know it’ll be a total b*tch to do once the pile builds up. This is especially helpful if you share your living space.

2: Keep Your Counters Clear.

Having your counters cleared alone will give the appearance of a much more cleaner and appealing space. A cluttered counter gives a disorderly feel, which is why I recommend Tip #1 in putting away everything you can right away and having designated spots.

3: Clean On The Go.

When cooking, don’t just let the dishes pile up and wipe down the stove after you’ve used it. Oil and grease build up so keep a designated towel or sponge to clean the stove, as well as a towel in your bathroom to wipe down your counters after you’ve used the sink. Also, cleaning as you cook enables you to eat your food in a clean kitchen once your meal is ready and saves you time and effort to clean EVERYTHING once you’re in a food coma. Same thing applies when doing your hair, and makeup, etc. It’ll keep these spaces from getting dirty!

4: Clean your dishes every night.

If you clean as you go, then you won’t have a shit ton of dishes to do at night. Also, waking up and seeing a clean sink is so much more relaxing than dreading all the dishes you have to wash after work or school. Just wash your dishes every night. It’ll keep dirty dishes from piling up in the sink, which is honestly the worst if you share a kitchen with roommates.

5: Make your bed every morning

I feel like I’ve emphasized this in multiple posts already, but I truly believe in making your bed every morning to get you mentally started for a productive day.  Not to mention, it keeps your room looking organized and will motivate you to keep it that way.

I personally live by these cleaning principles on a day to day basis. I honestly really hate deep cleaning, so practicing these simple quick and easy clean as you go habits will avoid messes from building up and avoid deep cleaning so often.



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