Why Intention Has Everything to do with Settling

“Our intention creates our reality”

-Wayne Dyer

I’ll be honest…

Idk who tf Wayne Dyer is, but I love this quote and I thought it was too brilliant to go unnoticed.

Anyways, have intention for pete’s sake.

In relationships, in the workplace, intention is just everything.

Why? Avoid settling. Have a purpose.

Whether good or bad (but preferably good), you should always have intention: intention to cultivate, intention to grow.

I’ve met too many people who are unhappy with their lives. Mind you, I’m only 22. I’m at a ripe age in life with peers who are unmotivated because they have no clue what the f*ck they’re doing with their lives. Here’s 2 news flashes:

  1. It’s OK to not have it together. Everyone is on their own time.
  2. Wishing and Hoping isn’t good enough. Making a plan is.

In school, were you ever taught to execute a project without a plan? Didn’t think so.

Here’s how to avoid settling:

  1. Be open to change. People change. Plans change. Be OK with a reality that’s ever changing. This is how you grow, by handling adversity.
  2. Find positive support. Surround yourself with people who are equally as motivated, if not more. Surrounding yourself with people with goals who act on it, will motivate you to do so and will support you as well.
  3. Create an Action Plan and Vision Board. We all need something that shows us exactly where we want to be to make our goals seem attainable. Just like in school, plan ahead. Make an outline, an action plan. Make a vision board that will keep you inspired and make your dreams literally and visually come to life.

If you’re struggling because you’re constantly comparing yourself to others who seem “successful” at your age, fear not. Everyone is on their own time. Successful people don’t just get lucky. They have a plan. They have intention. If you hate your job, look for a new one. If your relationship is dead, stop watering it. It’s cliché as f*ck, but be the change you wish to see.

These are just some thoughts and tips that help me when I feel like I’m settling.  Intention is everything.



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