Tips for Minimizing Anxiety

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Honestly, if it weren’t for these practices below, I would have anxiety attacks every day.

OK, no I wouldn’t, 

but I do experience anxiety from time to time. I’m also mildly claustrophobic in the weirdest ways. The window seat on the airplane is a huge NO for me and I can’t sleep against the wall on my bed. I literally need to be hanging off the edge.


as some of you may know, I work for a doctor who uses a holistic approach to taking care of the mind and body. From a quick interview and just on a personal note, some useful ways I’ve learned to reduce anxiety often are as follows:

Limit Caffeine Intake

I love coffee and I love tea, but in moderation. I have coffee about three to four days a week and never more than one cup. The other days I have green tea. I notice when I have too much coffee it triggers me and throughout the day I’m literally anxious sitting at my desk at work or get worked up over the littlest tasks.


As Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphins; endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!” Endorphins can lower cortisol (stress) levels, you’re sweating out toxins so it’s the perfect way to minimize anxiety. I notice when I exercise in the morning, I feel more relaxed throughout the day.

Omega 3 Vitamins

Omega 3’s have been linked to reducing symptoms of both anxiety and depression, so try to get some in your diet daily, or take a supplement. Try eating more salmon which is nutrient-rich in this. I favor salmon as my protein when meal prepping!

Stay Away from Your Phone

There’s something about always having my phone on me that gives me anxiety. I try to keep my phone on silent throughout the day, unless I’m expecting an important call or message from work. I keep my notifications on silent, too, so they never pop up on my screen and it works wonders. At home, I also try to avoid “multitasking” being on my phone and doing on other things like watching TV at the same time. Keep it simple.

Learn What Triggers Your Anxiety

Is it work, school, family, friends? Look for patterns in your daily routine and make note of it. Only you know what triggers your anxiety.



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