The Importance of a Good Handshake

If eyes are windows to the soul, handshakes are the door.


I can’t stress enough how important a good handshake is.

Almost always, you can tell A LOT about a person through their handshake: what they think of you and what they think of themselves in that moment.

In my opinion, there is nothing worse when meeting someone for the first time and receiving a shitty handshake.

Let me be clear: limp hands and limp wrists accompanied by no eye contact is a SHITTY handshake.

It tells two things: either that you are not confident in yourself or you are very intimidated by the person you are engaging.

I only say it’s (sometimes) acceptable to have an accidental limp handshake when you are severely intimidated because of the context.

For me, I always do my best to have a good strong handshake. What I mean by this is is eye contact the entire time, a clean smile and a firm grip. Especially as a young woman, a good strong handshake is VITAL to be taken seriously.  I’ve done business with men and also very successful business women and there is nothing more shitty than giving a limp handshake.

Not only is this important professionally, but also socially. I’ve been to parties or outings where I’ve met people and have literally not bothered to get to know them or hang out with them from that first handshake. I personally prefer not to waste time on people who seem like they would bring nothing to the table to help you grow as a person.

To sum it up, basically your handshake is the door to you. It’s the glimpse you give others of your self-esteem and your self-respect.

Give them a glimpse, and paint a confident picture.




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  1. Totally agree! I get a little offended when doctors don’t shake my hand when they come into the room and go straight with questioning or sits right down on their chair. It’s all about being professional and a good handshake let’s me know that you’re being professional and sincerely want to be here to help me. I was taught to grip the persons hand as if you’re testing out a peach and I live by that. Not too hard not to wimpy.


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