Reluctantly Transitioning into Adulthood

Either this topic is annoyingly overheard of, or isn’t talked about enough,

but here’s my personal take on the subject: Transitioning into adulthood.

So how do you define being an adult?

Paying for your own bills? Working full-time? Being married, having kids? YIKES.

It’s different for everyone.

Half of my friends I consider to be adults. The other half not so much.

NOT LIKE IT’S AN INSULT. Everyone is on their own time.

But recently, I had a chat with a friend who was SURPRISED I had a savings account. My first thought was WTF? Doesn’t everyone have a savings account?

Apparently not.

In fact, last night I went out with two good friends of mine and we all joked about how we’re all Libras and how we’re the only people we know who balance work full-time and are always down to go out for a good time on the weekdays and weekends, literally a work hard play hard mindset. But we all pretty much have our shit together even though we’re still figuring out life.

I’m not saying being an adult is partying as hard as you work. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying it’s knowing when to say yes and when to say no on very important things.



You can definitely be 21 or 25 and still not be an adult. In college, I didn’t start working until my sophomore year. I didn’t get my first internship until my senior year. I definitely didn’t pay for rent on my own all four years either. I’m fortunate enough to have parents who financially supported me throughout college. So no, I was 21 and certainly not an adult. However, once I graduated and started working full-time, slowly but surely they cut the umbilical cord. But I knew it was coming, so at least I was prepared. Still felt like I got hit by a train, though. Like oh sh*t, now I really really have to have my shit together.

For me, being a full fledged adult is really just having like, 90% of your shit together, because let’s face it: everyone is flawed and no one really has it all together all the time (even our parents). We’re all figuring out life as we go. HOWEVER,

for me, being an adult is being able to function (sufficiently) on your own.

Financially, it’s working enough to support yourself without the help of your parents (might I add, having a savings ICE).

Socially, it’s knowing how to be accountable for your actions because no one’s going to clean up your mess. Own up to things and take responsibility.

But that’s just my take. I’m curious to learn from others.


Here’s three small recommendations that I feel will help you have your shit a little more together during this transition:

  1. Start a savings account, for the love of GOD. You literally never know when you’re going to need it.
  2. Start building credit. Credit is your key to future financial obligations that will involve not only yourself, but possibly others. read my guide to credit, here.
  3. Start taking responsibility. Stop hiding behind others or relying on others to make decisions for you. You are literally the only person you can 100% rely on for the rest of your life. Be accountable and practice taking initiative.


So how do you define being an adult?



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