Life Plan for the Next 3 Years

I guess this isn’t really a life “plan” per say, 

but I’m basically laying out my goals and aspirations for the next 3 years.

In 3 years I’ll be 25 (I’m on my way to 23 as we speak).

And I have sooo many goals to hit by 25.

Here’s what I want // where I want to be:


+ Finance

In my last post, I advised to have a savings account. I want my savings to reach X amount by the time I’m 25. (It’s a personal goal, hence the X). I believe that everyone should have a financial goal to hit for their savings by 25.

+ Career

I currently work full-time in marketing and while I love marketing, I’ve always loved working in fashion. Since I really needed a full-time job after graduation, I accepted the first offer I had which was marketing, but not in fashion. I’m content at my current job, but I always try to avoid settling, so I’m currently still searching. By 25, I definitely want to be in the fashion industry whether I’m working at a PR Agency, a small Boutique, or working for myself (a girl can dream!)

+ Travel

As some of you know, I’ve been abroad three times in my life: France, Italy and Spain! I have an endless love for traveling and I hope to visit Asia within the next three years. I also want to do one small trip each year, such as Portland, Seattle and New York.

+ Friendship

I definitely want to keep at least 3 of my solid girlfriends I have now and hopefully the saying is right: the friends you make in college will be your friends for life! Making real friends along the way is a little harder than easily meeting people in college and I’m very picky on who I let in//keep in my life.


These are some of the broad long-term goals for the next 3 years that can hopefully manifest into even bigger dreams and aspirations to come true!

What are some of yours?




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