Current Style Inspiration

I used to pull up to frat houses in a crop top, jeans and converse (typical freshmen in college, tell me about it)

No, these were not my most iconic looks (or moments) but I feel like everyone must go through this messy phase to get to their put-together one.

Now I pull up to the bar in some sort of elevated shoe, jeans and a tee (or blouse if I’m trying here) and I’m looking to leave for Taco Bell by 12am.

Working in fashion, at a local boutique and a PR Agency, also taught me a thing or two during my final stages of college.

Some days I feel grungy. Some days I feel oh so chic! Most days I opt to be as comfy as I can.

Here are my current style icons that my closet is inspired by (with a little flare of my own):


Arielle Vandenberg


If you know me, you know my go-to for almost any outing is jeans and a tee. I love a casual and comfy look that you can dress up or down with a vintage jacket and even heels. Arielle Vandenberg is a pro at this and I had the pleasure of meeting her when I worked at the Alcove in Malibu. You guessed it: She bought a few tees.


Negin Mirsalehi


Negin literally slays every look: from girly to airport comfy. Most of my done-up looks are inspired by her (and airport looks). She’s the queen of traveling in style.


Em Rata


Emily Ratajowski is the sh*t. Literally. Most posts, she’s in a bikini and pretty close to nude, but when she’s dressed out and about, I LOVE her street style. Her style is the perfect blend of feminine and tomboy. She NEVER looks overdone and she excels at keeping her style short and sweet.


Although they’re my style icons, I like to put my own personal style into the mix. I love French tucks and I’m an ever bigger fan of sandals. My taste is and has always been simple: comfy, short and sweet!



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