How to Have Fun Doing NOTHING

This post is inspired by my current checking account and the shitty SoCal weather.

It’s actually tragic because I just got paid, but rent came out of nowhere and so did student loans, so here I am.

Anyways, here’s a list of things to do to celebrate being broke and realizing money can’t really buy you happiness, but good company can:

Host a Wine & Games Night

I have a solid group of people I can drink wine on the regular and play board games with. This is the perfect alternativeĀ  when I don’t want to make the effort of getting ready or spend money at the bars. There’s also numerous ways to turn Board Games and Card games into drinking games.

Host a Movie Marathon

I’m a big movie geek. I could honestly lay in bed and have an Indiana Jones or Lord of the Rings marathon. I also enjoy the classics like Singing in the Rain and The Sound of Music! Take a full day to relax and unwind with a movie marathon with your fave pals. It’s easy to turn this into a spa day by making home-made face masks and baking treats.

Redecorate Your Room

Clean then decorate. There’s always something you can rearrange in your room that can make your living space look cozier and less cluttered. I like to clean out my closet when i have a few hours to kill in the day. I have a walk-in closet so you can see how weekly closet clean outs are necessary. I also like to redecorate my room with subtle accents, i.e. hanging hats on the wall, playing with display on my dressers: adding candles or VOGUE issues just to simplify and chic up the room.




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