The 2, 2, 2 Method

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They say the best things come in 3’s,

but 2 is a pretty cool number.


I like to use the 2, 2, 2 Method in different aspects,

And I find it to be a total GAME changer.

So, like, WTF is the 2, 2, 2 Method?

Glad you asked.

Let’s go with shopping.

Like if it was an extreme sport, I’d place Gold in the Olympics.

You hold up a pair of shoes you just HAVE to have, but they’re wayyy out of budget, so ask yourself this:

Will I wear this in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years? BE REALISTIC. If the answer is yes for all three, LIFE IS SHORT. BUY THE DAMN SHOES. If it’s shoes for a specific occasion…rethink. I’m a sucker for shopping.

I’ll throw another scenario at you: Your significant other just PISSED you off. You’re super fucking emotional, like to the brink of crying (or screaming?) Ask yourself this VERY important question:

Will (whatever is making you this upset) matter in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years?

If the answer is no (which it most likely is) then it’s probably time to chill TF out and regain some clarity. Staying upset is a TOTAL waste of time. And it’s important to remember you’re very emotional probably because this person means a lot to you, so yea, will whatever is making you upset truly matter in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years?? I know it’s hard. Chill out.


The 2, 2, 2 Rule also doesn’t always have to pose as a question. I’d like to use this as a fun structure for dating. Want to save money or make spending time together EXTRA special?

Go out, like some place really out of the way and new every 2 weeks.

Take a mini trip somewhere, like a weekend getaway or road trip somewhere every 2 months.

And every 2 years? TRAVEL. What a great experience it is to travel alone, but with someone by your side SO much better.

The 2, 2, 2 Method is a game changer, I can promise you that. it saves you time, money, and emotional compromise.

What other aspects can you apply the 2, 2, 2 rule to? Penny for your thoughts?






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