Date Etiquette

LET’S TALK DATES, shall we?

Dinner Date with DSW | By Tezza

Dates are fun, whether it’s the first date or 39th date, there’s always etiquette you want to follow – AND MY GOD, you’ll want to follow these if you don’t already:

Table Manners

DO place your napkin on your lap before eating. Place it back on the table when you both have finished your meal.

DON’T chew with your mouth open or talk with your mouth full. No one wants to see what you’re eating when they can clearly see it on your plate.

DON’T use your fingers for any reason other than you clearly ordered a stack of onion rings or fries. Now if you’re at some chill place, like a diner, this is OK. If you don’t know how to use a fork and knife to eat at this point…bye.


Do you want to show up to a nice restaurant in a pair of ripped jeans and a tee?

Do your research. Look up the place. For heaven’s sake, we have Google and we even have Yelp. Get a feel for the ambiance and dress accordingly. You can never be overdressed, and I don’t mean show up in heels.

Appropriate dates for a tee and jeans: a county fair, amusement park, bowling, etc.

Appropriate date for a jeans, blouse and low heel: a lounge, rooftop bar, nice restaurant, etc.

Get me?

Also, you can never go wrong with the colors grey, black and white.

Everything Else

DO be interested in everything they’re saying…or at least act like it. Pay attention and listen. Nothing is worse than feeling like you aren’t being heard or cared about.

With that being said, DON’T go on and on about yourself. No one likes to listen to people who only talk about themselves.

DO pull your weight. What I mean by this is don’t expect the guy to pay. If you’re guilty of this, grow out of it. It’s a selfish and sexist habit, TBH. Do pull out your credit card and offer to pay your part. Although it’s nice to be treated out, relationships are 50/50 and you need to set the tone that you’re willing to go 50/50. Always offer. It’s 2019, people.

Anytime I’ve gone on a date, I’ve noticed it’s the small things you pay attention to that also pose as red flags. How someone treats you and how someone treats the people around them, i.e. the server, says A LOT about who they are as a person. Here’s just some date etiquette I thought I’d share based on some of the WORST and BEST dates I’ve gone on.

Any similar experiences? Penny for your thoughts?



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