How to Write a KILLER Cover Letter

I thought this post might be useful to some of you recent college grads, so VOILA!

I kid you not, I literally took an entire class on Office Etiquette in college: everything there is to know on interviewing, company cultures, and writing your resume and cover letter. AND IT WAS THE BEST PART OF MY FINAL YEAR.

This class actually proved to be SUPER helpful because I was actually GRADED on my performance, not some piece of paper I could bullshit in one night.

I did multiple mock interviews, receiving and giving. I wrote five drafts for my resume and cover letter until they were PERFECTED. This class required you to have both edited by actual hiring managers from marketing companies. Basically, this was probably the most helpful class I took before I graduated college. If there was no class educating you about 401k, credit and loans, this class was the most real-life help.


Anyways, here’s some Cover Letter tips to add that cherry on top (of your resume):

summer home care essentials (1)


  1.  Analyze the job description, specifically the skills and qualifications section. Make sure your cover letter notes those same skills and qualifications, but don’t BULLSHIT. If it says 2+ years experience with Adobe Illustrator and you have 0, it’s better not to say anything about that at all. However if it says 2+ years of social media managing and you have that, SAY SO.
  2. Address that you can and you WILL make a positive impact on the company. It is very obvious when someone is confident in their skill set.
  3. Keep it SHORT AND SWEET. Talk about your experience when addressing your skill set and keep it brief. The hiring manager is basically looking for the skills they listed and your experience as proof. No one wants to read an essay when there’s a sh*t ton of other applicants to look at who are much more to the point.

Here’s a basic outline example that can be applied to any cover letter (with modifications):


Attach this with your resume and you should be good to go. I advise to have your resume edited multiple times by mentors and professionals you know in the industry you want to work in. In my experience, short, simple,and confident usually does the trick in landing you at least an interview. Hope this helps!




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