Summer Home-Care Essentials

God, I really f*cking hate hot weather, I do. 

I swear I’m not extra.

I’m talking about when the weather hits 90+ degrees in dry Southern California and the sun is BEATING down on you, it feels like your SPF is melting off.

With the hot weather comes two things:

Excessive body sweat and BUGS!

-and nobody wants either-

Here are some Summer Home-Care ESSENTIALS for people like me (which I’m guessing is most of you) who struggle on the 3rd floor of their apartment complex where the heat gets TRAPPED inside your home:

summer home care essentials.png



(click on the links below to view the products in the image)

Peppermint repels insects. No Bug Bites!

Eucalyptus repels Mosquitoes!

Cotton sheets breathe easier and stay cooler (yay for sleep!)




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