What’s Your Love Language?


So like….I recently took a Love Language Quiz

As it turns out, my love language is Quality Time.

Shocker? Not totally, but it did give me insight on how I am in relationships.

I’ll start by saying time is my thing. I’m super respectful of other people’s time, I’m punctual AF, I hate when people are late, and in the rare event when I run late, I literally have so much anxiety. So, I guess it’s no surprise that my love language is quality time.

“Quality time” simply means giving someone your undivided presence and attention. If you feel and express love this way, you’re happy simply taking a walk together, having a meal together or chatting about your day, which is LITERALLY me.

If Quality Time is your love language, this is probably you:

  • You feel the most loved when your partner takes time to listen and understand you.
  • When you’re feeling down or stressed the #1 thing that your partner can do to lift you up is just come and hang out with you.
  • You feel happiest when spending uninterrupted time alone with your partner.
  • You feel more connected when you’re doing an activity together.
  • You feel most appreciated when your partner carves out time from their busy schedule for you.
  • You express your love for them by planning to do things together.


What’s yours?

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