Never labeled a Neat Freak, but Here I Am


I’d like to start by sincerely apologizing to my freshmen, sophomore and junior year college roommates. I was messy as hell, careless, and unbothered. SORRY.

Fast forward to my senior year of college where I moved into an apartment I actually loved with girls I actually liked and I started to finally take care of my home and KNEW WHAT IT MEANT to actually like the environment you live in. Liking it was the first step so wanting to take care of it came naturally.

Anyways, post-college, these neat freak habits haven’t died, and while I’m not totally OCD about everything, here’s the reasons why I put my apartment together as nice as it looks.

  • I like a clean kitchen because it’s just fucking sanitary. Enough said.
  • You never know when guests are going to drop by. I’ve never had to apologize for my home being messy and I’m hoping that day never comes.
  • I have respect for the people I live with so I keep it clean. It’s not just my space, it’s OURS.
  • Good practice for living with my future partner. Call me old fashioned, but I do want my partner who I end up living with to be as proud as I am of the home we live in. God forbid they don’t have good taste, I will have to step in anyways.
  • I think of my home as a reflection of myself. Your home should be your safe place, where you feel the most like yourself. I’m not a cluttered and messy person so no need to make my home so.

On that note, here’s some helpful easy tips for staying consistently neat:

  • Don’t trail. Take your shit when you get home and put it where it belongs: coat in your closet, bag on your dresser, etc. It will be 10x less of a pain in the ass watching your shit pile up throughout the week.
  • Collect yourself. Don’t leave dishes out. Didn’t your mother teach you to put dishes in the sink when you’re done? And again, your coat belongs on a hanger, not on the living room couch.

Honestly, turn those two into habits and your mind will be as decluttered as your living space.

Like I said, I’ve never been a neat freak. Ask my old roommates and ask my parents. BUT, the more recent years have been a rude awakening. Welcome to adulthood.

Anyone else label themselves?

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