Birth Control and the Buzz About the Nexplanon

the nexplanon

The only woman I know who ISN’T on birth control is my hairdresser. LITERALLY, the only one.

She’s not about putting hormones in your body (fair enough), but let’s be real: the benefits of birth control give me a PEACE OF MIND.

I know everyone reacts differently to certain types of birth control and for me, the Nexplanon was my BFF throughout college to now, even with its downsides.

Thinking of switching? Read my experience (past and present) below:



+ No period (At first, like for a good while) When I first got it inserted and also re-inserted the second time after expiration, I didn’t bleed AT ALL for about six months. SAVED ME $$, TIME, NO STRESS ON OUTFITS , ETC.

+ No constant reminder to take my birth control to ensure it works. It just stays in your arm for three years and you can go anywhere and do anything with it. I’m always running around and constantly busy so you can see how beneficial this is.

+ No mood swings or cravings. When I first tried the pill in high school, I literally gained 5 pounds (not fun). When I got the Nexplanon my first year of college, I saw no change in my weight or shift in my appetite.


+ My period came back, F*CK. And it came back with a vengeance. I bled for about two weeks straight and although I only had my period every two months, it lasted about two weeks every time. I went to the doc and she said it was perfectly normal. Some women stop bleeding completely (like I did) and some women have it again (like I did) and some women can actually have prolonged or heavier periods, all depends on your body.


Basically that’s all the negatives I really have for the Nexplanon. I love how low-maintenance it is. I never have to schedule appointments every three months like you do with the shot. I don’t have to ever remember to take pills. I feel no pain, I literally forget it’s even there. Only downside is my late reaction with my period. BUT, like I said. It can differ for everyone. I just like how easy it is for my on-the-go lifestyle.


Have you found Nexplanon to be for you because honestly, f*ck an IUD.

Let me know!

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