How to PROPERLY Practice Self-Love



Welcome back, babes.

Before 2019 comes to a close, I figured I wanted my last post of the year to NOT be about New Year Resolutions because first, that topic is SUPER saturated, and second, honestly no one really gives a f*ck.

With that being said, here’s an interesting subject I wanted to touch on since we’re all in that self-reflecting mood and looking to better ourselves in the new year:

How Self-Love can be TOXIC AF.

I’ve known a handful of people (including myself a few years back), who practiced self-love without the self-reflection. Pretty much, I looked like an arrogant asshole, only befriending those who agreed with me 100% of the time and paying no mind to opinions that actually mattered that were BETTER for me. I went over this briefly in a previous post a while back, but it took a couple years and a big wake up call to eventually realize I wasn’t who I wanted to be and that I wanted to be better.

Like, yea, obviously, love yourself, no sh*t, BUT also be critical of how you think, act, and behave. Surrounding yourself with only people who agree with you is also toxic. Self-love without self-awareness is useless. You leave absolutely no room for growth if you never put yourself in check. With that, I’ll keep it short and sweet and hopefully leave a vibe for you for 2020:

Practice Self-Love while praciticing Self-Awareness. It’s your best bet to grow in the new year.

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