Health Hacks of 2020



As the first month of the year is coming to a close, I wanted to bring to light some pretty healthy hacks that have worked for me for the last couple months that I want to make a habit out of in the new year.

I’ll lay out the benefits thus far:

+ Dropped 10lbs

+ Curbed Appetite and Faster Metabolism

+ Staying Hydrated Throughout the Day

+ An Overall Positive and Motivated Mood Throughout the Day

And here’s the small health hacks that go a long way: 

+ Intermittent Fasting. Yes, OK. I get it if it sounds oversaturated, but I don’t care. This literally works for my digestive system so much better. I get fuller faster and have way less bloat. I don’t wake up bloated (besides the occasional beer bender) and I don’t wake up hungry either. I usually eat my first meal of the day around 12 or 1pm, and don’t really eat later than 8pm. I usually have two meals a day and a cup of coffee in the morning and I promise you, I’ve literally dropped 10lbs probably from this alone, with going to the gym about three days a week.

+ Counting Calories. I NEVER did it, ever, BUT GOD, is it such a game changer. I use MyFitnessPal app to note about how much calories I’ve consumed that day and journaling this on my phone helps me keep track of my goals and let’s me plan better when I can go out and eat and when I should just make a healthy meal in.

+ Coconut Water. Since I’m not big on juices or sodas to begin with, coconut water shakes things up for me since all I really drink is water. It also has electrolytes for helping you stay hydrated, instead of your typical drinks like Gatorade which is actually FILLED with sugars.

+ Making Your First Meal of the Day Healthy. I’ve gone on and onnn about your morning routine setting the tone for your day about a million times on this blog and here I am doing it again. I feel so much better when I’ve had a healthy brunch/lunch and it helps me get more motivated to eat healthier the rest of the day and less guilty if I do have pasta for dinner. It’s all about balance and it’s a game changer when you set the day in a healthy tone and mindset.

+ Exercise As Much As You Drink. You heard me. If I plan on drinking that day even just for a beer or two with friends I HAVE to work out that day or the next. I tend to drink with friends two to three nights a week, therefore I plan a SERIOUS gym sesh two to three times a week AT LEAST. Like I said, all about balance and it takes a little built of the guilt away from those beers.

What Healthy Hacks do you want to make habits out of this year?

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