4 Ways to Make Some BITCHIN’ Toast by @Avocado_Bella



Her name is Bella, and her motto is

“Can’t live a full life on an empty stomach” and she’s not wrong, OBVI.

Anyways, if you haven’t checked out her instagram, it’s where she posts the tastiest and healthiest recipes that aren’t so f*cking lame and keep her going throughout the day (she juggles college classes, volleyball, and traveling, so she’s quite the multitasker). Anyways, I’ll stop girl crushing now and give you Bella and 4 ways she makes some BITCHIN’ Toast:



Hey! Bella here, and I’m currently a third year culinary dietetics student-athlete studying to become a Registered Dietitian(RD.) I’m a big foodie influencing the community to expand their palate and ‘eat real food.’ These are my staple “must have” toast recipes you didn’t know you needed.

All recipes are versatile while individually loaded with protein, healthy fats and phytonutrients for maintainable & sustained energy. Any of these toasts can easily be made vegan/gluten-free with a small substitution!

1. Sourdough, ricotta, herb, black cracked pepper, light drizzle of olive oil

2. Sourdough, hummus, cucumber, fresh chiffonade basil topped with red pepper flakes

3. Sourdough, arugula, avocado, one fried egg, seasoned with EBTB

4. Sourdough, siggi’s vanilla yogurt, thinly sliced fig, blackberries, honey and balsamic glaze


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Hope you enjoy! 

P.S. All in favor of bringing Bella back on the blog, say “I”.

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