How to Stay Sane + Productive This Quarantine Season



Cabin Fever is a THING, I promise you.

If you’re able to work from home, or work for a small business (like me), not having your regular schedule can really throw you off…

Here’s some helpful tips on staying sane during this quarantined time.

+ Make a Schedule and Manage Your Time. If you use a planner or Google Calendar, don’t stop planning. Making a weekly schedule has really helped me feel like everything is (somewhat) normal and will keep you on track to keep this healthy habit when everything finally does go back to normal. I even schedule making breakfast and workouts just to feel like I have something to do and be productive.

+ Be Active Oustide. I see a lot of stories of people working out at home. If your home is  a tad too small for a treadmill or you don’t own weights and a yoga mat, get some cardio in outside. Yes, we’re quarantined, but technically you can still be outside and going for a walk, or run is a great way to keep healthy while your gym is closed. Going for hikes is great for a change of scenery and feels super refreshing, especially if you live by the coast. It’s honestly been kind of nice seeing so many people be more active outside!

+ Shop Small (If you can). If you’re priveleged enough to be able to work from home, shop small and local. Small businesses can be really suferring from closing their doors so shopping online from your local boutique or ordering to-go or pick-up from your favorite town restaurant goes a LONG way in helping small businesses. Plus, it’s another fun way to kill time if you’re stuck at home.

+ Make An Effort for Your Physical Appearance. You heard me. I’m sure we’re all enjoying being in loungewear all day, which is fine, but don’t lose yourself. Brush your hair, groom yourself on the regular. Make an effort to keep yourself up during these trying times. It will help keep you a little more motivated to be productive while we’re taking this quarantine day by day.

+ Keep In Contact. Use this extended time home to catch up and keep in touch with family and friends. Since my family lives across the state, I’ve had much more casual time to catch up and keep in touch. It also helps make this self-isolation seem less lonely when you’re consistently talking with family and friends.

+ Learn New Sh*t. Take this time to bloom in your hobbies like art, making music, writing, cooking. There’s so many recipes to learn and always new skills you can develop. Don’t stop trying to better yourself every day!

What are some ways you’re staying sane during thsi Quarantine Season*?

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