Social Distancing in Relationships…While Social Distancing




Since COVID-19 “Quarantine” has been extended to May 15 in LA County as of today, I thought it was only appropriate to address social distancing, once again, this time in relationships.

I’m honestly extremely grateful to be quarantined with my partner. As an extrovert, I would be DYING if I lived alone and had to qurantine all alone for this long. Daily facetimes and phone calls have been keeping me sane, but honestly, having someone physically there with me is very comforting during these trying times.

AND, it just so happens that my love language is quality time, so sh*t could be MUCH worse.

Anyways, as every couple can enjoy spending every day together, like we do, we very much aren’t used to spending ALL DAY every day together.

Question we’ve been asked: Have we killed each other yet?

Answer: No, and here’s why:

We make time for ourselves as much as we make time for each other, so even if we’re basically locked in one household together, we still do the things we like to do individually.

My “me” time is going for a run every morning and finding space to be alone in the household where I can curl up with a book to be alone for awhile. I check in and out of the blog, look for some inspiration, and keep up with all my interests on the side. This is the time I carve out to be absolutely left alone and in my own headspace and physical space. In terms of “our” time, we cook and eat our meals together, which still feels like a present and intimate time spent together.

Moral of the story: Have acitvities you want to do alone, and activities you want to do together…and honestly, scheduling them out just to keep you organized and sane isn’t a bad way to go about it. We all need our “me” time.

With that being said, keep up with yourself and with each other. Just because you see each other every day doesn’t mean there’s less need for affection or effort. I still like to fix my hair just for myself to feel put-together and I’m sure it’s appreciated. I truly believe that continuing to do small sweet gestures goes a long way in keeping the passion from going stale during these quarantined times, and spending physical and mental time apart is just as important.

Anyone with me?

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