DEALING WITH STRESS (P.S. I’m Back…Post-Lockdown)

Besides this blog, I’m back to work (basically) full-time in fashion digital marketing and styling. While I love my job, it barely gives me any time to become TRULY inspired to write actual meaningful content for the blog.

After finding some sort of cosnsitent schedule, and getting used to life post-lockdown but still in semi-quarantine, I’ve been able to estbalish time to get out and also stay in to write…so I’m finally back with a post that’s about…



I know there are a lot of people out there still looking for jobs and losing your source of stability can feel devastating. In your career, not knowing what your next move is can make you feel..well, hopeless. I’ve been there and you can read about it here.

However, for those of use who’ve been fortunate enough to go back to work full-time, tackling life can be, well…just as stressful. There are times after a super productive and tiring work day where I come home and almost MISS those three months where I was doing the exact opposite and being a stay-at-home couch potato everyday. Disgusting, I know.

But I’m back and full force. Now, with the immense pressure to do more, help more and BE MORE in your career, here are some things I do to relieve stress:

+ Go See Some Nature. Go ahead and look it up, but yea, duh. It’s a natural way to unwind and ground yourself when you’re getting sucked into work and it becomes consuming. I honestly love walks on the beach alone or with a friend (thankfully I live 10 minutes away from one) and I feel much more clear-minded when I finally settle down at home.

+ Find a Recipe. Make it alone or with someone. Maybe add a twist to it. Cooking new sh*t is my sh*t, so I’ll leave a few FUN recipes for you to try:

Fall Pumpkin Rigatoni

Pumpkin Stuffed Bellpeppers

Toast 4 Ways (This sh*t is GOOD, I promise)

+ MAKE A SCHEDULE AGAIN. Besides scheduling your work schedule, start scheduling hobbies in your free time slots. Sometimes wanting to do things last minute when no one’s available sucks and for me, makes me feel worse. Having something to look forward to outside of work, like an art project, a sunset picnic with friends, or even a date at that bar that just re-opened gives you something to look forward to instead of trying to do something last minute and it not working out. Coming home without something to do to unwind drives me crazy when I just don’t want to be home.

There you have it. Three simple things I do when I’m NOT working and when I need a clearer headspace in the midst of working throughout this pandemic! Hope this helps.





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