2021 Resolutions

If you’ve been following Everything Brunch for awhile, you’ve probably read at some point I’ve never been a fan of New Year Resolutions mostly because I’m not a believer in anyone going from 100 to 0 and it actually lasting, and vice versa. More recently, I’ve tried basing my resolutions on events to attend like taking a trip somewhere I’ve never been and financial goals, like paying off my car.

Well, I didn’t take any trips this year thanks to COVID, but I DID pay off my car…thanks to COVID (The lockdown physically prevented me from spending money).

I know this year hasn’t treated some of us the best, but this year I met many of my personal goals, which I really do think was the outcome of everything literally being put to a halt for a few months and having the time to slow down, self-reflect and practice discipline, so I thought I’d list some things I’m thankful for this year:

+ Career: Luckily I was able to keep my job and we only closed down for two months, but that time off allowed me to really think about my career, and truly value the work I put in once I got back. I also got a promotion later in the year that I didn’t think I would get for awhile!

+ Finances: I paid off my car (FINALLY) and saved up more than I was able to save last year.

+ Relationship: We celebrated our one year anniversary with sky diving, something I can finally check off on my bucket list!

& I thought I’d share some personal goals for 2021 on what success means to me and everything that has to do with building self-awareness:

What are some of your resolutions?


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