Things I Keep in Mind in Relationships

Casually addressing relationships in general here. Whether it’s in friendships and romantic relationships, here’s what I keep in mind when I decide on a day-to-day basis who to keep in my life that I think can apply to everyone:

+ Positivity…on a consistent basis…and NO, I’m not talking about keeping someone around because they tell you the dress on you looks AMAZING, but really does not. I’m talking about keeping people who constantly uplift you when you get in a funk. Your car broke down, you got laid off, or just got dumped…the people who give you words of encouragement (and not solely just a drink to cope), are the ones who will help keep your focus on the good rather than the bad when you can’t shake it off.

+ Motivation and drive. I will say that I have a few friend groups, but I have a VERY SMALL AMOUNT of actual close friends. The close friends I do have are all self-motivated people. When it comes to furthering their career, they’re constantly looking towards the next step. When it comes to healthy lifestyle habits, they’re investing in their time to be the best they can be…which I think in turn also motivates me to be the best I can be.

+ Respect. In a partner, I especially look for mutual respect. I’m not down for being put last or put down. I think it’s important to know your worth and never settle for someone who sees you less, in friendships, too. With respect, there also comes boundaries. I’m not following a million models on Instagram and if my partner was I’d count that as a red flag, IMO. If they’re also DMing other people…in a shady way…or has dating apps…BYE!

+ Loyalty. This goes hand in hand with respect. Friendship wise, we’ve all known someone who talks so much sh*t about their “bff” that we can’t help but wonder, “why do you even hang out with them, then?” Being two-faced says A LOT more about you than the other person. It’s shady and definitely does not scream loyalty. Relationship wise, there’s a few boundaries I like to follow along with never talking sh*t about your partner.

What do you look for in keeping your relationships?


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