A Southern California Take on Home Decor for the Holidays feat. Kelly.Creative

Modern, minimalistic (and a touch of bohemian pieces) are my go-to when decorating my home. How about you?

I totally fangirl over interior design accounts on Instagram. Whether it’s a brand or a certain individual, I always love a personal take on current trends and classic looks when it comes to style. If you love home decor (especially during the holidays) as much as I do, you’ll love the following.

I’d like to welcome Kelly to the blog! She’s an interior designer, living in Southern California. She works for Lennar, designing their models homes all across the West Coast. I found Kelly on Instagram a while ago through mutual followers and fell in LOVE with her aesthetic right away, so I thought I’d share her creativity and inspo here on the blog! Welcome, Kelly! Here’s a peak of her idolized home and how to decorate for the Holiday season.

B: How would you describe your personal {home} style?
K: It’s pretty hard to pin point because I like mixing styles but I would say Earthy California Eclectic.

B: Do you consider aestheticism or functionality to be more important?
K: As a designer, I’m always trying to find the right balance between the two. Functionality is obviously very important, a space needs to work and make sense, but I’m not above sacrificing function for beauty. Many really special design moments serve no other purpose besides being visually pleasing.

B: Where do you typically shop for home decor/furniture?
K: For my job, I mostly use wholesale vendors. RJ Imports, The Garage Collective and Through the Porthole are a few of my favorite local/vintage sources. I love these retailers as well – Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Target, World Market, West Elm and Homegoods.

B: What are some staple holiday decorations you have every year that you think everyone should have in their home?
K: I love a traditional Christmas – wreaths, garland, stockings, holly, lights, candles, bells & ornaments are always a must!

B: Any holiday hosting tips for small/large parties?
K: As a host, it’s easy to get stressed and carried away with the planning and making sure everything is perfect (I know I do this). It’s important to make sure you take time to enjoy yourself!

B: Budget-friendly brands for holiday home decor you can recommend?
K: Pretty much all of my favorite retailers I listed above! I also got some cute decor from Amazon and some wrapping supplies at Dollar Tree!

xx, Kelly & Bri


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