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Simplistic and Realistic approaches to life style and bad habits.

Winter Date Ideas

  I f*cking love the holidays. There’s so many events and activities to do with your family and friends, especially DATES. PLUS, the weather is just RAD this time of year. The weather is colder, recipes are warmer. Call me a sap, but this is my favorite time of year to spend with your loved…

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FALL Pumpkin Parmesan Rigatoni

. . . To kick off the first week of fall AKA the BEST time of the year — the weather is colder, recipes are warmer, homes are cozier, I mean c’mon– I recreated this Fall Pumpkin Rigatoni Recipe that’s to DIE for! I’m honestly drooling just writing this recipe, but here’s the scoop on…

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Sweet Summer Dates

The ONLY reason Summer is actually my SECOND favorite season is because there’s lots to do and it’s like everything and everyone steps out of hibernation. And since I’m only 22, I’m trying to live life by the fullest. Here’s some sweet summer date ideas! MOVIES ON THE BEACH Above is the link for Movies…

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What’s Your Love Language?

So like….I recently took a Love Language Quiz As it turns out, my love language is Quality Time. Shocker? Not totally, but it did give me insight on how I am in relationships. I’ll start by saying time is my thing. I’m super respectful of other people’s time, I’m punctual AF, I hate when people…

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