Build Your Own Succulent Bar and Other Galentine’s Festivity Ideas!

Valentine's Day is my favorite Hallmark Holiday. I love the theme and I love how festive and celebratory it is in our culture! The roses I receive from my boyfriend are a nice touch, too...he. But, in all honestly, boyfriend or no boyfriend, Valentine's is a great way to spend time with the people you … Continue reading Build Your Own Succulent Bar and Other Galentine’s Festivity Ideas!

Juice Cleanse with Pressed Juicery

I'm not big on juice cleansing only because of my endless love for food. HOWEVER, when my body needs it, it needs it (i.e. 2 times a year) What I love about juice cleansing that sets it apart from what others deem as "healthier alternatives", is that it really makes my body absolutely feel refreshed … Continue reading Juice Cleanse with Pressed Juicery

Modern and Fresh Winter and Spring Scents

I'm a candle fiend. This is nothing new. I have about 8 in my apartment and I leave them open and spread all throughout my home to fill the air with just a trace of their light refreshing scent. Not only does having my candles open and free to infuse the air provide great aromatherapy … Continue reading Modern and Fresh Winter and Spring Scents

What New Year Resolutions Are All About and How to FOLLOW THROUGH

Disclaimer: I actually don't believe at all in New Years Resolutions. They are HARDLY EVER followed through and by Springtime, most people failed to keep their resolutions. I've tried the same thing multiple times and failed. I've also watched numerous family members and friends also fail to maintain their New Years Resolutions throughout the year, … Continue reading What New Year Resolutions Are All About and How to FOLLOW THROUGH

3 Simple Ways to Destress and Get Your Sh*t Together

IDK about you, but Finals are coming up (for me, at least) and I still am scheduled for work in the mean time and also planning and prepping for a Christmas party, not to mention am overwhelmed and broke from Christmas shopping...SO here's 3 simple ways to calm down (that I use myself and actually … Continue reading 3 Simple Ways to Destress and Get Your Sh*t Together

Hosting A WinesGiving

What's more fun than dressing up in nice fitted clothing only to end up uncomfortably stuffing yourself with a ThanksGiving feast?? DRESSING DOWN IN PJs AND STUFFING YOURSELF WITH CUPCAKES AND COCKTAILS WITH YOUR GAL PALS!! This year I hosted my first annual all-girl's WinesGiving event before all my friends went home to visit their … Continue reading Hosting A WinesGiving

Simple Inexpensive Christmas Gifts!

Yea, I know Christmas isn't for like another month and a half, but I swear it was August like  second ago and now Halloween just did the time go??? Anyways, I hate doing things last minute. It stresses me out and everyone hates stress acne so do yourself a favor: avoid the acne and … Continue reading Simple Inexpensive Christmas Gifts!

Deleting Dairy

Just for the record, I love ice cream and am deeply saddened that I can't eat Breyers or Micthell's, but not that sad because Ben & Jerry's is living in 2050 with their bomb vegan ice cream. Anyways, it's not necessarily that I can't. It's that I simply won't. I've always heard about the controversial … Continue reading Deleting Dairy

Best Brunches On Retro Row

In the midst of an eclectic community nestled on a row of vintage shops and coffee houses, Long Beach's 4th Street is most commonly referred to as "Retro Row". Known for an abundance of vintage shops and thrift stores, the row also has an abundance of the most unique and farm fresh coffee houses and … Continue reading Best Brunches On Retro Row

Life Is Beautiful Music Festival

I could not have picked a better first ever music festival to go to (besides Outside Lands 2014 which had Kanye, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, etc...) With patched up second degree burns on my hands and very little sleep, I powered my way through downtown Las Vegas with every inch and nerve in my body … Continue reading Life Is Beautiful Music Festival