Because Routines are necessary and so is stepping out of our comfort zone.

Best Brunches On Retro Row

In the midst of an eclectic community nestled on a row of vintage shops and coffee houses, Long Beach’s 4th Street is most commonly referred to as “Retro Row”. Known for an abundance of vintage shops and thrift stores, the row also has an abundance of the most unique and farm fresh coffee houses and…

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The Attic on Broadway

If you’re looking for Southern Comfort Food with a twist or just a good hearty meal in general with a decent aesthetic that’s date friendly and family friendly, the Attic on Broadway is the best place to be! From their Mac n’ Cheetos to their Fried Chicken and Collard Greens, The Attic serves up awesome portions…

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The BUZZ about Juice Cleansing

I know Juice Cleanses have a bad rep: that Beyonce does them, but it’s “so unhealthy”, blah blah blah…. Just to put it out there: too much of anything is bad for you. So yea, if you’re juice cleansing for a week every month, that’s definitely not great for your body or metabolism. Same goes…

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BLL (the adult PLL)

BIG LITTLE LIES, UGH! My easily entertained and devious mind cannot get enough. It’s especially good with a glass of wine in hand and popcorn in the other. If you were a fan of Pretty Little Liars growing up, you’ll probably be a real big fan of Big Little Lies. My sorority sisters rave about this…

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Mini Apartment Tour & How to Decorate Your Living Space on a Budget like a Broke College Student

THE STRUGGLE IS REAL, is it not?? If you’re reading this, you’re probably a broke college student because of that captivating title or you just have a really great taste in blogs, ha! I’ve recently moved into a new apartment this summer and let me tell you, moving is f**kin HARD, but decorating is HARDER!…

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